15 Tenants Share Their Nightmare Landlord Stories To Prepare You For The Worst

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Tenants: vote up the worst landlords that would have you looking for a new place to live.

Being a landlord apparently isn't easy, but being a tenant is even harder. To prepare you for the realities of renting, these Redditors are sharing their worst landlord stories. Keep reading and vote up the terrible landlords you wouldn't want to deal with.

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    They Refused To Fumigate And Changed The Locks

    From Redditor u/DrBairyFurburger:

    My first apartment when I was 18 had a rat and roach problem. My landlord refused to fumigate or call an exterminator. Instead, he just showed up one day and started opening up the walls looking for the pests.

    I remember sleeping at night and I could hear the rats in the walls. I'd wake up in the morning and there would be drywall in the kitchen because the rats chewed through and got into the pantry.

    I refused to pay rent until he called an exterminator. After six weeks or so he told me to move out and just up and changed the locks, while all my possessions were still in the apartment.

    Fortunately, I took him to small claims court and won.

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    They Collected Extra Money And Stole Mail

    From Redditor u/Shas_Erra:

    I had to move in a hurry so I took the first available flat I could find. Really regret it now. Here's a brief list of all the sh*t the landlord did in that time:

    - He sent his brother to do the initial viewing and negotiating. When I accepted and started to move in, the landlord finally showed up and quoted a much higher price for the rent. I was screwed at this point so couldn't do anything about it.

    - He refused to produce a tenancy agreement until I withheld rent.

    - He said the tenancy agreement clearly stated that payment included all bills.

    - He turned up every other week to collect money for "additional bills." Would not specify what these bills were or provided a breakdown of what each tenant owed. When I refused, he changed the locks until I paid.

    - Would routinely enter my flat and rummage through my stuff. I later discovered that a silver pocket watch my mum bought for my 18th birthday was missing...

    - Entered the house every day and stole the mail before anyone could read it.

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    They Got Drunk And Passed Out On The Tenant's Front Lawn

    From Redditor u/missdb9:

    Our landlord got drunk, couldn’t remember where he lived, got dropped off at our place, couldn’t get in, passed out on the lawn, and his dad had to come to apologize the next day and pick up some things he left behind.

    Other than that, awesome landlord, but that story will go down in history!

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    They Tried To Get Rid Of Mice By Covering The Laundry Room In Cat Litter

    From Redditor u/rebecca_de_winter

    Terrible, falling-down house. Mouse infestation. Landlord heard somewhere that cat litter keeps rodents away. I enter the laundry room one day to discover 2 inches of scented cat litter everywhere. She (perhaps fortuitously) didn't realize that it's used cat litter that keeps away mice, not clean scented stuff. It remained there for a year until we moved out.

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    They Thought The Place Was Overrun By Squirrels (It Wasn't)

    From Redditor u/rebecca_de_winter

    She believed that the house was overrun by squirrels and would illegally enter our apartment to look for them. She also had all of the blooming trees (the only nice plants in the yard) cut down because of "squirrels." Still not sure what was going on there. Any time I did anything she didn't like, she'd accuse me of letting squirrels into the house.

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    They Didn't Use The Rent Money To Pay The Mortgage 

    From Redditor u/phatmexican13:

    I had a landlord that was taking my rent money and then NOT paying his mortgage. He did that so long our place was foreclosed on and suddenly for sale. I figured this out one day when somebody hammered a "For Sale: Foreclosed" sign in my front yard.

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