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11 Scary Stories That Prove Tennessee Is One Of The Creepiest States

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The American South has a unique flair for theatricality and a dark past. Nothing reflects this match-made-in-hell quite like creepy stories from Tennessee. From bathroom boy ghosts to inexplicable lights to headless horsemen, these Tennessee urban legends are terrifying, mystical, and strange.  

You'll no doubt recognize some classic folklore tropes in these stories, but Tennessee puts a unique twist on the tried and traditional, spinning the kinds of tales that might make you feel sick to your stomach. There's blood, gore, tragedy, and many angry ghosts in creepy Tennessee. 


  • Old Trinity Church, Where Mary Cries Blood And Satanists Wreak Havoc

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    In the 1930s and '40s, the Old Trinity Church in Mason was allegedly desecrated by a Satanic cult. According to legend, a statue of the Virgin Mary marking a prominent grave in the church's cemetery often drips blood from its neck and eyes.

    Because the Old Trinity Church seems to be a common target for vandals in southwestern Tennessee, its caretaker installed crude booby traps to keep trespassers out, including trip wires and wires at neck height. Those who visit report strange lights and noises believed to be coming from spirits distressed about the destruction of their graves.

  • The Nefarious Sensabaugh Tunnel, Site Of Slayings And Satanic Rituals

    Built in the 1920s, the Sensabaugh Tunnel sits in the foothills of east Tennessee and has a reputation for being the site of haunted happenings. Abandoned and in disrepair, the tunnel, named after Edward Sensabaugh, who owned the land on which it was built, is said to be the site of garish slayings, including that of Sensabaugh's daughter. 

    There are many local versions of the legend surrounding the tunnel and Edward Sensabaugh as well as many rumors of its hauntings. Some say that if you drive to the middle of the tunnel and turn your car off, it won't start up again. Others tell of a woman's shadow appearing in the back seat as you drive through the tunnel.


  • The Vengeful Ghost Of The Pine Haven School Bathroom

    According to urban legend, a geeky young boy at Pine Haven School in Jamestown, TN, went to the bathroom by himself one day. Bullies followed and shoved him. They accidentally pushed the boy into the mirror, lodging a piece of glass in his neck. The bullies watched in horror as he bled out on the floor.

    To avoid getting caught, the kids hid him beneath the floorboards. It's said that if you enter the bathroom in the now-abandoned old school building and look into the mirror, you'll see the ghost of the boy standing behind you, and you will suffer the same fate as him.

  • Old Green Eyes, Who Haunts Chickamauga

    Photo: Mathew Brady / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Located in the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park of Tennessee, the Chickamauga battlefield was the site of the second largest and one of the bloodiest fights of the Civil War. Considering how many lives were lost there, it's not a surprise that it's rumored to be haunted. Many fallen Union soldiers stayed where they fell for months after the conflict in September 1863 before being buried. There have been a myriad of ghostly experiences reported in Chickamauga, from headless specters riding horses to a woman in white wandering about in search of her beloved.

    One of the most famous legends is that of Old Green Eyes. It's said that Old Green Eyes was a Confederate soldier who had his head blown off his body during combat, and his spirit roams the grounds looking for his missing body. According to another legend, Old Green Eyes is an ancient, monstrous creature.