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The Best Teriyaki Sauce Brands

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The word "teriyaki" references both a cooking method and a sauce. "Teri" refers to the shine imparted to the meat by its sugary sauce, while "yaki" nods to how the protein is cooked or broiled. The sweet and savory sauce is crucial to this type of preparation – it's right in the name, after all. So it's not surprising that teriyaki sauces are a staple in grocery stores around the world. Some of the best teriyaki sauce brands are based on traditional recipes while other good teriyaki sauces add unique flavors into the mix.

Which store-bought teriyaki sauce should top this list? Since its foundation in 1917, Kikkoman has become a go-to company when it comes to many Asian sauces. It's teriyaki flavors include Roasted Garlic, Less Sodium, and even Gluten-Free. Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value brand is another popular store-bought teriyaki sauce.

KC Masterpiece is known for making delicious barbecue sauces, but it also offers a tasty teriyaki marinade. Other good companies featured on this list of the top teriyaki brands include Trader Joe's, Neptune, and Panda Express.

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