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12 Terminator Fan Theories That Are Just Crazy Enough To Be True

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If you’ve spent any time thinking about Terminator, one of the greatest action films of the '80s, you’ve probably had a few long nights during which you tried to figure out time travel sans clothes, and whether or not Kyle Reese could actually be John Connor’s father. No matter how much you’ve obsessed about how Cyberdyne needed to have a T-800 chip to invent the super evil T-800 (or something like that), the denizens of the Internet who came up with the Terminator fan theories you’re about to read have put more thought into cold-blooded metal daddies of the future than you ever will. The amount of time you'd have to put into deconstructing the entire Terminator series timeline then trying to explain it in a way that makes any sense boggles the mind. 

Don’t despair: not all these Terminator movie theories are about the ins-and-outs of time travel; some of them involve the Terminator shared universe, which crosses over with other science fiction franchises and is totally, 100% accurate... ish. If you made it this far without quoting the Governator's famous catchphrase, you deserve a thumbs up from inside a vat of molten lead. 

How do you feel about naked bros who crouch in alleys and punch on each other with knives and stabbing weapons? What about no-nonsense female protagonists who love machine guns and may or may not have birthed the leader of the resistance? If you’re all about either of those types of characters, these James Cameron movie fan theories are going to make you wish you had a robo-daddy riding a Harley with whom you could discuss alternate timelines. Come with these fan theories of the Terminator franchise if you want to have a deeper understanding of one of the greatest time travel-action series that was ever created.

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    'T3' Is A Parody Of The Franchise

    Redditor ogwalt is very certain Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines is a parody of the franchise, rather than an actual Terminator movie. For instance, Arnold gets his clothes from a strip club routine, and his sunglasses aren't the normal cool guy sunglasses, but silly star-shaped novelty sunglasses. The scene is clearly a parody of the scene in T-2, in which he tears up the biker bar. 

    The violence in Rise of the Machines is so over the top it's likely a wink at T-2's full bore (amazing) insanity. Rise of the Machines also has constant references to the original films that happen ironically. It's like the Mel Brooks Terminator movie. Maybe this theory is right. 

    The theory also suggests Terminator Salvation is the middle film in a trilogy that starts with Terminator and ends with Terminator 2. Which is a little harder to swallow. 

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    John Connor Betters Himself Through Time Travel

    Redditor iAintReddit suggests John Connor, leader of the resistance, bettered himself by sending Kyle Reese back to the past to beef up his brain and military powers. By fathering John, Reese passed on his DNA as a consummate soldier and survivor.

    Which makes you wonder. If Kyle Reese was always John's father, he wouldn't need to do this, right? So, then, who was John's dad before John sent Kyle Reese back? And how would John be the same person if all of a sudden half his DNA was different? And would you really send one of your military bros back in time to raw dog your mom? 

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    Jack And Rose From 'Titanic' Are Sarah Connor's Grandparents

    Cue the head explosion gifs. One truly insane fan theory about Terminator suggests Jack and Rose from Titanic are Sarah Connor's grandparents, and Jack is a time traveler. The fan who created the theory thinks Jack went back in time to keep Rose from killing herself, and therefore causes the boat to sink.

    See, if Rose had jumped off the back of the ship during her suicide attempt, the captain would have stopped the boat to look for Rose. If the ship had stopped, warm weather and ocean currents would've shifted the iceberg out of its way. And, if Jack never went back in time, the child he fathered with her never would have gone on to give birth to the resistance fighter who would try to stop Skynet. 

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    Sarah Connor Had A Miscarriage

    So this is depressing, but Redditor jimmy_talent thinks Sarah Connor miscarried her pregnancy with Kyle Reese between Terminator and Terminator 2, got pregnant by some other dude, then told John that Reese was his father. The audience never sees Sarah begin to show on film, and there's nothing quite as stressful as being chased by an evil robot, so it's not out of the question, though it does lack substantiating clues from the films. What a bummer of a theory. 

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