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12 Terminator Fan Theories That Are Just Crazy Enough To Be True 

Jacob Shelton
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If you’ve spent any time thinking about Terminator, one of the greatest action films of the '80s, you’ve probably had a few long nights during which you tried to figure out time travel sans clothes, and whether or not Kyle Reese could actually be John Connor’s father. No matter how much you’ve obsessed about how Cyberdyne needed to have a T-800 chip to invent the super evil T-800 (or something like that), the denizens of the Internet who came up with the Terminator fan theories you’re about to read have put more thought into cold-blooded metal daddies of the future than you ever will. The amount of time you'd have to put into deconstructing the entire Terminator series timeline then trying to explain it in a way that makes any sense boggles the mind. 

Don’t despair: not all these Terminator movie theories are about the ins-and-outs of time travel; some of them involve the Terminator shared universe, which crosses over with other science fiction franchises and is totally, 100% accurate... ish. If you made it this far without quoting the Governator's famous catchphrase, you deserve a thumbs up from inside a vat of molten lead. 

How do you feel about naked bros who crouch in alleys and punch on each other with knives and stabbing weapons? What about no-nonsense female protagonists who love machine guns and may or may not have birthed the leader of the resistance? If you’re all about either of those types of characters, these James Cameron movie fan theories are going to make you wish you had a robo-daddy riding a Harley with whom you could discuss alternate timelines. Come with these fan theories of the Terminator franchise if you want to have a deeper understanding of one of the greatest time travel-action series that was ever created.

Skynet Is Creating An Infinite Loop In Order To Improve Its Technology
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A really interesting theory about the time travel in the Terminator franchise declares that Skynet isn't too concerned with the whole John Connor conundrum. No way, you guys: these robots/AI just want to increase their tech. Basically it works like this - the machines develop something new, like a T-1000, and send it back in time, so new technology can be built from it in the past. This speeds the development of technology such that when time finally gets back to the future, Skynet has access to radically advanced weapons and other technology built from its formerly most cutting-edge developments. Or something like that. 

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Kyle Reese Killed John Connor By Schtupping His Mom
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One fan theory suggests that when the original John Connor sent Kyle Reese back in time, he may have unwittingly killed himself and created another John Connor. Before Sarah Connor knew about judgment day, she had a baby by some random guy, and that baby turned into a badass resistance fighter. When Kyle hooked up with Sarah, he managed to erase original John Connor from history, and create an entirely new one. That's why, by the time you get to T3, John is a wimp who's afraid he'll never be able to lead a resistance. 

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The Predator And Terminator Franchises Exist In The Same Universe
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Everyone knows Predator is one of the greatest cinematic achievements of all time, but there's a small contingent of fans who believe the film, while perfect and beautiful on its own, is also prequel to the Terminator franchise. What could be better than cold-blooded metal daddies and hot-blooded muscle daddies converging? Probably nothing. But how do we get from point T to P?

There's a cyborg in the Aliens Vs. Predator arcade game called Major Dutch Schaefer  who was "created to fight extraterrestrials,” much as Dutch the mercenary does in Predator. Cyborg Dutch's serial number is CDS-170A3. Does CDS stand for Cyberdyne Systems? It's possible, and if that means Dutch is an early T-800 (D-800?), well, it makes the greatest action movie of all time even better. 

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The Terminator Movies Are Happening In Reverse Order
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According to the original Terminator film, the T-800 was sent back in time as a last ditch effort to kill John Connor after humans beat robots in the future. Redditor ChairmanGoodchild believes this means the first robo-assassin that went back in time was the T-X from Rise of the Machines. When the T-X failed to report back to Skynet in the future, the robots sent the T-1000 back. When it was tossed into a vat of liquid metal, they sent the T-800 back to kill Sarah Connor. Then the machines finally disappeared from the future. 

If you're wondering how Sarah Connor has memories of the T-800 in Terminator 2 when Terminator hasn't happened yet, it's because it already happened for her; the timeline of her life is moving forward, despite the timeline of Terminators moving backwards. If you're wondering why each new Terminator sent back in time is an older model than the last one in this theory, well, that's a tougher nut to crack. 

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