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56 Things You Didn't Know About the Terminator Movies

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When it comes to film franchises, Terminator is one of the best. From the original, all the way through to Terminator Genysis, action film fans can't get enough of the Schwarzenegger series. But how much do you really know about the Terminator movies? Sit back and get ready for learning, because we've dug up the most interesting and surprising trivia, facts, and Easter eggs, covering all things Terminator, through the making-of and beyond.  

Whether Michael Biehn or Anton Yelchin is your Kyle Reese, and whether Edward Furlong, Nick Stahl, or Christian Bale is your John Connor, there's no denying that Arnold Schwarzenegger is the one, true Terminator. He's back (GET IT?!) for Genysis, and fans couldn't be happier!

Do you know what script James Cameron wrote during his downtime on Terminator (1) and why it was delayed? How about which singer they originally wanted to play the iconic T-1000 in T2? What did Arnold receive as a gift for signing on to Terminator 3? What nods did they make sure to include in the fourth film, tying it into the first?

All of this and much more awaits you below, so scroll down and vote up the Terminator behind the scenes fun facts you were most surprised to learn!
  • James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger: Guerrilla Filmmakers

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    The scene in T1 where the Terminator breaks into a station wagon was the very last thing shot, and it was added to the film a few weeks before the film's release.  The scene was filmed in two hours by director James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger alone. Due to insufficient funds, Cameron had to pay for the scene himself. However, he could not afford a police permit, so he kept another set of Arnold's clothes was behind the wagon trunk. The moment the scene was finished, Cameron had Schwarzenegger change clothes.

  • Time and Budgets Were Simpler Then

    Terminator 2: Judgment Day was the first film to have a production budget of over $100 million (Don't worry; they made it back).
  • Stan Winston's Visual Effects Punctuated the Franchise

    Stan Winston provided the visual effects on the first four films in the franchise. He passed during production on the fourth film, which is dedicated to him.
  • The T-1000 Used to Be Two Terminators

    Cameron's original idea for T1 was to have two Terminators go back in time - one solid and humanoid, the other liquid-based. Realizing the technology wasn't ready at the time, he quickly ditched this idea.

    After making The Abyss, Cameron added the character to T2, and the awesome T-1000 was born.