15 People Share Their Terrible Amusement Park Experiences To Prepare You For The Worst

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Amusement parks are supposed to be amusing. It's right in the name! But sometimes a day of fun ends up being more of a nightmare. If you're wondering what to expect when going to an amusement park, check out these awful amusement park experiences and vote up the worst stories.

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    The Lap Bar Didn't Lock Into Place On A Roller Coaster

    From Redditor u/mlkelty:

    In middle school, I went to this small park called Adventureland in Iowa on a field trip. I managed to get the front car of a roller coaster to myself. When the cars started to move, the lap bar bumped back up and wouldn't lock back into position. So I spent the entire ride with my arms wrapped around the bar and my feet trying to find some kind of perch on the curved surface of the legroom area. Fortunately, it didn't invert or anything, but the drops and sideways turns were pretty scary.

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    The Ride Was Broken And The Operator Didn't Even Notice

    From Redditor u/aud7:

    The airplane ride is a dangerous f*cker... Got pretty seriously injured when I was 5 when it had a hydraulic valve failure. It lifted me up to the top and just free-fall dropped me to the bottom. Then, boom, struck the ground. It did this twice. Then it did the same thing but only lifted me a couple of feet. It's going on for a couple of minutes before the operator noticed. I still get back pains today from that.

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    They Got Stuck On Multiple Rides For Hours

    From Redditor u/Ghalian:

    Canada's Wonderland, was my first experience going there alone with another friend of mine. We went on Sky Rider which is a roller coaster where you essentially standing with a bike seat in your butt.

    We got stuck on that ride 3 times, totaling up to two hours. They offered everyone affected free pizza. 13-year-old self loved this gesture.

    A few rides later we find ourselves in the drop zone. Top of our drop, every other cart drops but ours. We were stuck at the top for another two hours. I don't have a fear of heights, but the girl beside us was puking and it was pretty high up, and I can only imagine the wind taking her puke and ruining someone's day.

    Anyways, two hours pass, and without warning, they drop us and I of course think I'm going to splat. I didn't obviously, but they offered us pizza for the inconvenience.

    I think about this now and it makes me astounded how easy 13 year old me was satisfied.

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    Their Aunt Made The Whole Day Embarrassing

    From Redditor u/Cm0sButt0n:

    I went to Disney World with my aunt and uncle and shortly after we arrived at the park I sat down on a bench that was slightly wet. When I stood up my aunt assumed that I peed myself and proceeded to berate me for doing so and wouldn't let me go on rides while loudly proclaiming as we approached each ride that I had peed my pants and I couldn't go on any rides until my shorts had dried. My uncle believed me as he saw that other benches were wet but she was stubborn and he said it was best to just let her do her thing.

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    They Didn't Know There Were Height Requirements Before Waiting In Line

    From Redditor u/Pietart:

    We stood in line for just over an hour, then the operator told me I was too tall.

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    Someone Threw Something From A Ride And Hit Them In The Throat

    From Redditor u/loreola:

    Someone threw a small plastic pumpkin off of a ride going probably 40 mph and it hit me directly in the throat while I was standing inline.

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