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13 Horrible Anime Teachers Who Would Be Fired IRL

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Kind of like how you'll find a lot of terrible parents in anime, you'll also find some terrible anime teachers. Teachers are very important because not only are they educating the future generations of tomorrow, but they're also responsible for the safety and wellbeing of the child for approximately eight hours. If you take a closer look at certain anime, you'll realize that a lot of these fictional teachers would get fired in real life. The worst teachers in anime show up in all kinds of different series, from Erased to Card Captor Sakura. 

Whether these awful teachers are murdering their students, hooking up with their charges, or just being super cavalier about getting their jobs done, a lot of these anime teachers should totally get fired. The abundance of lousy educators really makes you wonder - who is hiring these people in the first place, and why haven't they lost their jobs? Take a look at the list of anime teachers below and vote up the ones who definitely need to be kicked out. 

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    Koichi Shido From High School Of The Dead

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    Koichi Shido is a teacher in High School of the Dead. As you may have guessed by the name, this school is overrun by zombies. Given the chaos that this kind of problem invariably causes, he's probably not getting fired any time soon, but in the real world, he would be. Why? Because he's a self-absorbed piece of sh*t who only cares about himself.

    No reasonable person expects teachers to sacrifice their lives for their students, but for a teacher to use their students as a human shield during zombie attacks? Despicable. Shido also brainwashes his students into killing each other and having orgies so that they can produce babies to repopulate an earth ruled by him. And you thought your high school teacher was bad. 

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    Gaku Yashiro From Erased

    Gaku Yashiro of Erased is probably one of the worst teachers in anime history. No, he didn't assign too much homework or give the protagonist a failing grade that he didn't quite deserve. What he did was much worse: he systematically kidnapped and murdered his students. This is one teacher you don't want to leave your kids with. 

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    Mr. Iwamoto From Yu Yu Hakusho

    Yu Yu Hakusho actually has two teacher characters who are terrible, but because one of them actually does get fired, let's focus on the one who should have been kicked out as well: Mr. Iwamoto. Mr. Iwamoto hates the protagonist, Yusuke Urameshi, so much that he's actively trying to get him expelled. Secretly hoping to get a problem student out of your hair is one thing, but actively taking steps to make it happen is quite another.

    This dude tries to frame Yusuke for stealing a pen, convinces another teacher to change Kuwabara's answers on a test so that he can punish him for poor grades, and is genuinely happy when Yusuke dies. Some fans have speculated that he might actually be a demon, which could explain his truly irrational hatred of a poorly behaved teenager and why he isn't fired. 

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    Mizuki From Naruto

    Mizuki is the first antagonist to appear in NarutoHe's also a terrible teacher. Not only does he trick Naruto, one of his students, into stealing a scroll for him, but he also tries to kill him afterward. An attempt on your student's life is definitely enough to get you fired, but Mizuki should have been fired long before the events of the opening arc. 

    This deplorable man became a teacher to seriously torment his childhood friend, Iruka. He wants to surreptitiously make Iruka as miserable as possible. Why? Because when they were kids, Iruka got extra attention after his parents were killed, and Mizuki was so jealous that he dedicated his life to ruining Iruka's. If your main goal as a teacher is to take revenge on another teacher, you really need to be fired. 

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