29 Stomach-Turning Examples Of People Attempting (And Failing) To Make Food

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Everyone needs to eat but not everyone should be cooking. When the people on this list tried to get creative with their food things took a turn for the worse. You can find more food fails at r/sh*ttyfoodporn. Be sure to vote up your "favorites." 

  • 1. Quarterflounder

    Photo: u/chunkynymph / Reddit
    29 votes
  • 2. Chilling

    Photo: u/Reckless_Waifu / Reddit
    43 votes
  • 3. Not Everything Needs To Be Homemade

    Not Everything Needs To Be Homemade
    Photo: u/jempai / Reddit
    41 votes
  • 4. Wing Flop

    Wing Flop
    Photo: u/MmaOverSportsball / Reddit
    43 votes
  • 5. Who Wouldn't Want This?

    Who Wouldn't Want This?
    Photo: u/philorouge / Reddit
    61 votes
  • 6. Artistic

    Photo: u/BB8_PeePeeTape / Reddit
    36 votes