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People Share The Sad Stories Of How They Discovered That Their Friends Were Actually Fiends

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"What’s the [worst] way a friend has shown you they weren’t really your friend?" - u/mediastoosocial

Sometimes your worst enemy is just a friend hiding behind a smile. Such is the case in these terrible tales of friends who became fiends. Featuring liars, users, thieves, and heartless harpies who care about nothing but themselves, these stories made us realize that a terrible person can be lurking anywhere. Even in the guise of a best buddy. Vote up the former friend horror stories that make you think twice about your own friend circle. 



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    Girl Was An Afterthought To Her Friends...On Her Birthday

    Posted by u/TheBrontosaurus:

    My sixteenth birthday I invited my friends over for a party including dinner. I spent all day cooking with my dad and made beautiful chocolate mousse cups in chocolate bowls, I went all out and I was so proud of the meal. I told everyone that dinner was at 6:30.

    Nobody showed up until 8:30. They were completely stoned and had a bag of toys from Dollartree. I had already cleaned up and put away all the food. They had all been hanging out without me on my birthday and I was an afterthought.

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      'She Tricked Me Into Babysitting'

      Posted by u/nsngrl16:

      She invited me over to hang out, 35 minutes in she was like, “I will be right back,” gets in the car with her boyfriend and leaves me at her house with her kid siblings....

      She tricked me into babysitting.

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        Uninvited From The Party She Helped Plan

        Posted by u/Addigray:

        I had the opposite happen. I helped my "friend" plan her Sweet 16 and got really excited to help her with everything. A week or so before it was supposed to happen, she told me she wasn't going to have a big party. I felt really bad she decided to cancel it and asked my mom to drive me over to her house on her birthday so she would know a friend was thinking of her and to give her the gift I had gotten her.

        We pull up to her house and there is a big party going on. I was so pissed that she lied instead of telling me she didn't want me to come.

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          He Stole Money From His Friend's Mom

          Posted by u/EraseRewindPlay:

          We were friends since babies, as our moms worked at the same place. My mom saw him as her own child and frequently he was at our house after school, because her mom was kind of absent. His family moved out of the state, but we kinda kept in touch then he came back while we were on our 20s.

          My mom was going to start remodeling the house, he insisted on helping us since he was working with a construction company. Long story short, he said he needed some money for the construction permits, in hindsight it wasn't even that much but he took the money and we never saw him again. He even blocked me on Facebook.

          We later found out that the permit costs was a fraction of the money he took. Biggest pain in the heart was watching my mom crying, disappointed that her "own son" would do that to her.

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