15 People Describe Their Worst Group Project Partners So You Don't Make The Same Mistakes

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We've all been forced to do a group project before, be it in school or for work. These bad group project stories are a perfect illustration of why they are dreaded by so many people. If you want to know how to be a good group project partner and avoid making a new enemies, then keep reading. These Redditors are sharing their stories so you know what not to do as a group project partner.

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    They Wanted The Project Done Fast... And It Was Terrible

    From Redditor u/SalamanderAttackForce:

    I don't have an issue with people who don't pull their weight. I'm prepared to do a project by myself is I need to.

    I have more of a problem with type A personalities and people who throw anything together just to get it done. I don't like working with very rigid people who try to control everything and talk down to the rest of the group.

    My worst experience was with the latter type of person I mentioned. She worked full time and wanted to get a project done quickly. No one else was fast enough for her, so she put something together by herself and wouldn't accept anyone else's work or suggestions because she didn't want to do more work. There was a short turnaround for the project, so no one was able to see it until the day of. She did the project completely wrong. She didn't read through the instructions or rubric and just cranked something crappy out. We all got Cs, and the professor was being generous. If you don't have time to do a group project, maybe you shouldn't be taking this class. It's not my problem if you're so busy you can't work with other people, but don't impact everyone else's grade because of that.

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    They Insisted They Would Do The Work And Then Never Showed Up

    From Redditor u/arcant12:

    Got paired up alphabetically in partners. I was paired up with a football player (D1 top school). We had to present a project to the class that was 1/3 of our grade.

    He was extremely hard to get in touch with all semester. Refused to get together to meet. He said he’d take care of his part

    The *sshole didn’t show up the day of our presentation. So I had to wing his part and try to do it all alone.

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    They Thought They Could Wing It On Presentation Day

    From Redditor u/Ow1:

    In a "diversity" class in college, the teacher issued the semester project and randomized people into groups. I was stuck with these four knuckleheads who constantly skipped class and mocked the class material. Yeah I know, the class was pretty dull, but seriously.

    Well I like getting a good grade, and the project (which was a huge chunk of our grade) was super easy, so I offered to just do it myself. The only thing was, since we all had to present in front of the class, I wanted to get together and go over the powerpoint slides with them.

    Every time I asked them about the project, they'd give me some BS reason to get out of it, until the week it was due. Then they were like 'just send us the Powerpoint and write down what we should say.' Ugh! So I wrote each one a script and e-mailed out the presentation material.

    Presentation day. Only one of them bothered to print his script out. Other three just shrugged and said they'd read off the Powerpoint. Well, had they bothered to open the Powerpoint, they would have realized how terrible that idea was. Even the grading rubric for the presentation said something like 'no complete sentences on Powerpoint; bulleted words only'.

    So we all get in front of the class, I introduce the group and go through the first set of slides, and pass the torch. Next guy obviously had never seen the material before and didn't even try to act like he had. 


    We also had to give a peer review. The professor knew what was going on with the group, and every time I went to her about it she'd give me some unhelpful line like 'Well, rally the troops! I'm sure you'll think of something!' So imagine my surprise when I got an F on my project. Went to her office to find out that the knuckleheads had all given me a bad peer review, and they gave each other stellar reviews. I talked to her, my student advisor, and the dean but I ended up retaking the class anyway. Thanks, *ssholes!

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    The Entire Group Was Silent Until The Last Minute

    From Redditor u/locke314:

    In general, just me doing all the work. Last semester, I had a project to create a website (just google sites since it wasn't a web dev class.)

    I made the template, asked for feedback. Hearing none, I entered draft data and asked for feedback. Hearing none, I added graphics, asked for feedback, pointed out what still needs to be done, and elected individual members for specific parts. Hearing no response, I finished what I had time for on the list I gave and submitted it for review (just draft submission to the class.) After the draft, we had a list of things, which I sorted for each person individually. Hearing no response, I did all of the suggestions and asked for feedback. Hearing none, I did the final website tweaks since the project was due the next day. 4 hours prior to due time, I get emails from everybody complaining about things they didn't like about it. I basically just said "I am going to do a final run-through at X:30 and submit at X:45. You can edit what you want, but you had your chance."

    I believe I got a 98%, and the professor said she would take into account their effort on the final grade. I had one of the members in my group again in the next class. She was salty about her grade and performed much better the second time.

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    They Were Mysteriously Sick For The Whole Project

    From Redditor u/nickyfox13:

    I was paired up with three people for a history class in high school, where everyone had to make up a practice test for the upcoming big test. I had a partner who was mysteriously sick for the duration of working on the project, and a partner who refused to put in any effort because the project "bored" them. The third partner had to be pushed really really hard to do their portion of the work. I don't remember what grade I got, but boy did I hate that project because I ended up doing all the work.

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    They Were A Little Too Honest About How Much Effort They Wanted To Put In

    From Redditor u/Jesepe:

    Got paired with a kid once who said, "look, either I can do the whole thing and we get an F, we can both do work and get a C, or you can do it all and we get an A"

    Pretty sure he ended up doing some work, but I still did the majority of it.

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