15 Travelers Share Their Worst Hotel Experiences So You Don't Make The Same Mistakes

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Travelers: vote up the worst hotel experiences that would have you asking for an early check out.

One of the most important but tedious parts of organizing a trip is booking the accommodations. You might have a better chance at booking something great if you're aware of all the things that can go wrong. Thankfully, these people are sharing their hotel horror stories so you don't make the same mistakes they did.

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    Stopped At A Random Inn And Experienced An Inn-festation

    From Redditor u/insertwittytagline:

    Once while traveling through Texas I stopped at an inn and it was just a culmination of bad planning and crappy upkeep. The carpet smelled like beer and was somehow greasy. We kept hearing crickets, and that was because the entire place was infested with them, cockroaches, and a tarantula. We think some family had a drug-fueled wedding in the parking lot, which culminated in a six-minute gunfight, but apparently, it was in the room below ours.

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    Paid For A Hotel Room... Without A Bed

    From Redditor u/RainbowZebraGum:

    I paid like $300 a night to stay at a fancy hotel for work in Park City, UT, in the summer for a conference. They put me in this room with a kitchen and a living room and so many doors. Like four closed doors. So I go to open one and it’s locked. And the next one is locked. All of them are locked. And then I realize there is no bed. Not even a couch bed. Just a couch. They literally gave me a room that didn’t have a bed. It was the adjoining living room for other hotel rooms. And I checked my reservation and it said I booked a room with a bed. I felt like I was in the twilight zone when I went to the lobby and asked where was my bed at my hotel and they didn’t see the problem. It took almost three hours to get it sorted while I’m arguing that paying for a hotel is for the bed.

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    Booked A Bedbug-Filled Room At A New Jersey Motel

    From Redditor u/jasonmcc72:

    When we arrived at our motel in New Jersey, the first thing we found was a glue-style mousetrap under the bed. That was my first indication that all was not well, but it was late in the day and we'd made reservations for our weekend many weeks prior, so we decided to overlook the mousetrap. Unfortunately, it went downhill from there.

    Before we unpacked, I gave the bed a quick look - in the corners of the mattress, under the blankets. I didn't see any evidence of bugs, so I assumed there weren't any, but we all know what happens when we assume! I found it odd that the headboard was covered in a soft, flannel-like cloth. As I was lying in the bed watching TV, I thought it was sort of creepy to have a cloth headboard because 1. It can't be wiped down, and 2. my head was against the same cloth headboard that every other person's head had been against that stayed in that room! I thought it was a poor practice, and very unsanitary, but it was late, so I tried [to] put it out of my mind and get some sleep. Very early the next morning, around 6 am, I woke to find a freaking BEDBUG on my pillow. I searched the bed again, and found no other evidence, then thought of the headboard! I tried to look behind it, but the darn thing was nailed to the wall, but with a little effort I was able to pry it off, and that's when I hit the bedbug jackpot! There were bedbugs in all stages of development behind the headboard.

    Besides the bedbugs, there were other things about this place that were piss-poor. First, the "ice machine" was a cooler sitting out [in] front of the office. The rugs were indoor-outdoor type carpeting and they were pretty shabby. The windows (except for the bathroom window) [did] NOT open, and they were filthy. What's the point of an ocean-view room when you can't open the window? The blankets and sheets [had] seen better days - the blanket was particularly bad, it looked like a remnant from the 1940s, and the saggy mattress [was] probably from the same era as the blanket! To their credit, the bathroom was clean, the tub was scrubbed, the toilet was clean, and the shower curtain looked new - no mold in the bathroom, decent fixtures, nothing clogged up, and the water pressure was decent.
    We were also able to get every penny of our stay there, but no way in hell I would go back.

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    Didn't Look Up The Area And Had To Deal With Roaches

    From Redditor u/purplelesscare:

    A hotel in Florida, on the Orange Blossom Trail, I didn't realize it was notorious for [illicit activity]. Not that that was why it was so bad.

    I paid like $200 for the night and the room had roaches. I was so exhausted from traveling and it was too late to get anywhere else. I lay on the bed, and you know when you imagine something crawling on you just because you're freaked out? I wish it was that. I felt something on my stomach, stood up, and turned the lamp on. A roach was trying to dig into my belly button!

    I got up, showered in a dirty bathroom, packed, and walked with two huge suitcases at 5 am in [the] morning to the Starbucks six blocks away.

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    Traveled With Their Dogs And Had To Stay In A Buggy Mess Of A Room

    From Redditor u/MEuRaH:

    My wife and I were traveling with our dogs, so we needed to find a hotel that would take me. At the time in Connecticut, there was only ONE place that would do such a thing, so that's where we stayed.

    Walk in, terrible smell, bugs all over the place. WTF? Looked like a police scene with all these mysterious dark stains on the carpet. About three hours in, we notice that there is a huge hole/crack... where the walls meet. I push on it so it opens up, and sure enough, you can see trees and bushes outside. That's where all the bugs were coming from.

    We were at the mercy of the hotel. We couldn't go anywhere else since nobody else would accept dogs. I remember making a tent-like structure on the bed and just making due. Totally sucked.

    Oh, and my dog took a sh*t on the floor.

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    Stopped At A Random Hotel And Fled After 30 Minutes

    From Redditor u/col-fancypants:

    Mine was so bad we left. I was about 6-7 and we got a late start on the eight-hour drive to Orlando, so my parents decided to make a stop at a hotel. Well, we get to the room and everything fell off. They brought in a folding bed for me, and the blankets and sheets looked faded from age and disuse. Look in the bathroom and there were four spider webs in the shower and roaches all over the place. Parents checked the main bed and there were bugs and hair under the blanket. We noped out of there in less than 30 minutes and got our money back.

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