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Terrible Movies With Amazing Soundtracks

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A broken watch is right twice a day, just as a lousy or mediocre film can have some redeeming qualities. Take Suicide Squad (please, take it). Despite reviews that compared it to all forms of famine and pestilence, it won an Oscar for makeup. Since apparently no other movies in 2016 used any makeup. Alongside this trend of technically superlative, creatively bankrupt films is the bad movies great soundtracks dichotomy.   

Such is the case with the following movies, the soundtracks for which feature music so good you might forget the films that spawned them. All these terrible movies with awesome music owe a great debt to music supervisors, directors and producers with a good ear, parent companies that own record labels, and the consumerist masses, all of which played a role in ensuring an awful film had a chance to worm its way into pop culture relevance. Be sure to leave a comment with the best soundtracks and best movie songs from terrible movies not present here.

Now head to your preferred spot for streaming music and get ready for music that's better than the movies. 

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    Terrible Movie: Not sure anyone left in the world needs an explanation about what makes this franchise so putrid.

    Soundtrack: The bands on this soundtrack must not have read the book or script, or met Jackson Rathbone. Or maybe they just wanted to be heard by 100 million teenagers / lonely spinsters, which you can't hold against them. The result is a terrific and moody mix over which even the most ardent hipsters will swoon. Why pay through the nose for Coachella when you can hear Muse, The Killers, Bon Iver, Grizzly Bear, and Death Cab for Cutie all gathered here?

    Best Tracks: Thom Yorke's haunting "Hearing Damage" is Radiohead-level good, not just Thom Yorke solo material good. Lykke Li's "Possiblity" is a fantastic track, though the movie only captured 10% of its dark beauty.

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    Terrible Movie: The 2004 adaption of The Phantom of the Opera stands in for every bad movie musical. Rent. The ProducersAnnie. Of these, the disconnect between quality of source material and ineptitude of final product is greatest here. The movie starts out promisingly enough: "Let's scare away the ghosts of years past with a little illumination!" But the promise ends there. The rest of the film is dull, with a talented cast looking as bored as the audience felt.  

    Great Soundtrack: "Silently the senses abandon their defenses..." There's a reason The Phantom of the Opera played on Broadway to sold out houses for decades. It's as good as Andrew Lloyd Webber gets, which means it's as good as modern musicals get without an Alexander Hamilton or Avenue Q's slightly racist puppets.

    Best Track: Even if Gerard Butler is no Michael Crawford, "Music of the Nightis a perfect musical moment. Unless you were watching it happen on the big screen. Just don't see the movie. 

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    Terrible Movie: This. Is. Not. A. Good. Movie. From Kevin Costner's unfortunate haircut to his complete lack of chemistry with Whitney Houston (apparently he's the one person in the world who never heard her sing), it's damn travesty. The Razzies nominated The Bodyguard in almost every major category.

    Great Soundtrack: In addition to those Razzies, The Bodyguard was up for two Oscars (both for Best Song). Whitney had an amazing voice, and this soundtrack is her at her best. "I'm Every Woman," "I Have Nothing," "Run to You." Try not have her voice in your head just reading those titles. If that's not enough for you, there's even some Kenny G.  

    Best Track : "I Will Always Love You" -  Dolly Parton wrote it, Whitney demolished it.

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  • 8. She's The One

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    Terrible Movie: Brothers McMullen was one of the more charming independent films of the '90s. Writer, director, and star Edward Burns showed flashes of a star in the making on all three fronts. Although he’s had steady work in front of the camera since, his work behind the lens (and in front of screenwriting software) leaves something to be desired. This was never more apparent than in She’s The One, in which Jennifer Aniston is paired with two low-wattage stars from McMullen. It has the feeling of a cast from a middle-school Neil Simon production getting the chance to reprise its roles on Broadway, although Cameron Diaz pops up. 

    Great Soundtrack: Two words: Tom. Petty. The Heartbreakers contribute all songs on the She's the One soundtrack, which is considered a proper album for the band, not just soundtrack work. The record has a ramshackle quality that gives it a loose, laid back feel, and even includes two variations of the same song, twice (Angel Dream and Walls). There are boot-stomping rockers (Zero From Outer Space and Climb That Hill) and a plaintive Beck cover with a PG-13 title (Assh*le). She's the One's soundtrack caps one of rock’s greatest winning streaks -  Full Moon Fever, Into the Great Wide Open, and Wildflower.

    Best Tracks: Most people reading this might prefer/remember "Walls." It got some radio play back in the days of radio, and is one of those Petty tunes that feels like you've known it forever after hearing it once. The great deep cut classic is "Hung Up and Overdue," the love child George Harrison and Petty never got around to making in The Traveling Wilburys, featuring drums from Ringo Starr and guitar from Harrison. It's sprawling and lyrical, with gorgeous production.

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