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Terrible Movies With Amazing Soundtracks

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A broken watch is right twice a day, just as a lousy or mediocre film can have some redeeming qualities. Take Suicide Squad (please, take it). Despite reviews that compared it to all forms of famine and pestilence, it won an Oscar for makeup. Since apparently no other movies in 2016 used any makeup. Alongside this trend of technically superlative, creatively bankrupt films is the bad movies great soundtracks dichotomy.   

Such is the case with the following movies, the soundtracks for which feature music so good you might forget the films that spawned them. All these terrible movies with awesome music owe a great debt to music supervisors, directors and producers with a good ear, parent companies that own record labels, and the consumerist masses, all of which played a role in ensuring an awful film had a chance to worm its way into pop culture relevance. Be sure to leave a comment with the best soundtracks and best movie songs from terrible movies not present here.

Now head to your preferred spot for streaming music and get ready for music that's better than the movies. 

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    Terrible Movie: Wim Wenders appears elsewhere on this list (see Until the End of the World), despite having made some phenomenal films . His seminal drama Wings of Desire was given the Hollywood treatment in City of Angels , directed by Brad Silberling, with Nic Cage donning wings and Meg Ryan as the Earthly object of his affection. Spoiler alert: she dies. In a better movie, that might elicit a tear or two. In City of Angels, you'll take solace, and maybe even joy, in her end, since this tragic moment signifies the movie's almost over. Second spoiler alert: this movie sucks.

    Great Soundtrack: Even the song titles on this album are beyond cheesy, but there are some great guilty pleasures here, such as the Goo Goo Dolls's Iris. Paula Cole and Sarah McLachlan might make you look into Lilith Fair tickets, while Alanis Morisette shows she's more than a one-rage pony.

    Best Track: And then there's Peter Gabriel's "I Grieve," which is the master showing his pupils how a weepy ballad is really done. He also released the song on his album Up, but the version on City of Angels is better.

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    Terrible Movie: IMDB uses the following keywords in describing this "film":

    • pubic hair
    • spanking 
    • rich man poor woman 
    • duct tape
    • naive
    • son of a crack addict 
    • merkin wig

    Some of that is super fun. "Son of a crack addict" is where it all starts to get a little bit weird. 

    Great Soundtrack: Sexy isn't a word anyone would use to describe Fifty Shade of Grey, even if you met your partner at a glory holeThe soundtrack, however, is super sexy. AWOLNATION is no Bruce, but the group's cover of I'm on Fire does the tune justice.   The Weeknd's Jacko-esque falsetto is right at home on this album. Ellie Goulding's Love Me Like You Do is just the right amount of pop (and 1.4 billion Youtube views agree).   

    Best Track: Annie Lennox - always one of music's coolest - does nothing to lose that title with her cover of "I Put a Spell On You".

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    Terrible Movie: Wherever there's an Internet malcontent, director Zack Snyder has an enemy. Alas, he didn't change many minds with Sucker Punch , odd mix of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and steampunk-laden Dr. Who, as played by a cast of strippers, Sucker Punch has some stylish moments, but is ultimately dumb trash. It was a warning, indicating what kind of movie Batman vs. Superman would be, but nobody was listening.

    Great Soundtrack: Bjork's "Army of Me" (which was covered by Helmet for the MoM: Music for our Mother Ocean compilation) makes two appearances on this list (see: Tank Girl ), though the Sucker Punch remake is superior. Female-led covers of the Pixies's Where Is My Mind, White Rabbit and Iggy Pop's Search and Destroy are perfect tonal hybrids. Don't bother with the movie. Listen to the soundtrack twice instead.

    Best Track : Carla Azar's cover of The Beatles' "Tomorrow Never Knows " would make John, Paul, George, Ringo and even Yoko proud.

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    The Movie: The Twilight franchise started bad, got worse, and became insufferable.

    Great Soundtrack: As cringe-worthy as its dialogue, acting, and hair-dye managed to be, the Twilight franchise knew how to get top-tier bands to appear on its soundtracks.   Eclipse, the third film in the series, had a great soundtrack, on which hipster indie bands collided with arena rockers. Metric, Muse, Vampire Weekend, Beck with Bat for Lashes, CeeLo and Sia all gave high end B-sides and unreleased tracks to the collection. It gives so much hope for a half-way decent film that never comes.  

    Best Track: UNKLE's "With You in My Head" is an atmospheric rock track that actually rocks, and stays in your head long after it stops playing. Unfortunately, it couldn't have been used any worse in the film, as background for a ridiculous training montage.    

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