15 Road Trippers Share Their Worst Travel Stories So You Don't Make The Same Mistakes

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Are you about to hit the road? Heading out with friends or family can be a lot of fun, but there are a lot of mistakes that can make it a nightmare road trip. If you want to have the best experience, pack your things, gas up, and read the worst road trip stories the internet has to offer.

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    Their Ex Brought A Friend They Didn't Get Along With

    From Redditor u/candidporno:

    My ex brought her best friend along.

    My ex and I would travel around on holidays in our car a lot. It was about the journey, not the destination. The best friend hit the boring highway and usually was speeding. It was all about getting to the destination. No adventure. No stopping. No sights. No stories to tell of things that you see and experience along the way.

    She also felt it was better for fuel economy to drive with the ECO button switched on, which displayed a light on the dash that says “ECO off.” And the car revved higher. But this leads to a small argument.

    While on this road trip, she also broke up with her boyfriend. So my ex comforted her the entire time.

    We had to share a motel room on one of the legs of the journey. She snored like a freight train. The random gas would have been funny if I got any sleep.

    Eventually, it came to the middle of the road trip when she had to fly home to work. The holidays finally began from that point. But my ex disagreed with my experience, and that was when she began defending her best friend. Ultimately, we broke up. And while nothing really bad happened, it just reminds me to this day that you're better off traveling alone.

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    The Car Was Packed With People And Pets

    From Redditor u/LeaveWuTangAlone:

    My family decided to move from Southern California to North Carolina at the beginning of December when I was in eighth grade. We had my mom, my dad, his mom (my Sicilian grandma from New Jersey who is loud as f*ck), me and my three younger siblings, our husky, and tabby cat. We went from warm weather to f*cking COLD weather as we got further across the country. It was loud, crowded, uncomfortable, long, boring, and just all-around terrible.

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    They Almost Ran Out Of Gas In A Very Unsafe Area

    From Redditor u/RoobyTuesday:

    A bunch of my friend's road-tripped to Chicago… in February. We used one of my buddy's parents' Star Crest Vans from the '70s that people used to f*ck in. It was about 20 degrees out and we were coming back from Chicago. We were running on fumes for the last 20 minutes and we were on a stretch of roadway that had no signs of life nor gas. We were drinking and watching Big Daddy, and the driver asked someone to look up a gas station. The person looking it up still believed that Apple Maps was a gift from the gods and had it on his phone. He searched "gas station" and a… station came up.

    We get off of this apocalyptic road and started heading down this dirt path. It said it was a couple of miles down the road. Going further and further down this road we thought to ourselves, there can't be a gas station down here. But then we found something... a big sign that said, "Warning. M*th County". At first, we thought it was funny, but then a couple of miles down the road it wasn't, because we still couldn't find the gas station. We finally came to an old oil rig that looked like it was from Chernobyl. The… gas station icon had led us to this old piece of sh*t about 5 miles off of the main road. So desperately, we made our way back to the main road and went further on it, and found a gas station. We told the attendant about our travels and he laughs and says, "Yeah, good thing you didn't run out of gas there. You will get st*bbed in M*th County".

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    They Got Sick In The Friend's Family Car

    From Redditor u/tribernate:

    I went on a road trip holiday with my friend, her parents, and their dog. Up until the last day, it was a great trip, can't complain. On this day, before heading home, we made sandwiches for lunch with whatever food we had left. Carrots, mostly. I remember the carrots well.

    We had to drive home through a notoriously windy stretch of road. My friend's parents were in the front, and my friend and I were in the back, the dog nestled nicely in between us. All of a sudden, my stomach turned to sh*te and gave me just enough warning to think, "I feel quite sick. I feel real…" [and then I vomited all over my friend's mum, the car, and their poor, innocent dog].

    I felt so bad. My friend's dad laughed and grabbed a bag of orange cheese curl chips to snack on while he watched my friend's mum clean up my orange carrot-colored sick. He still calls me Chuck to this day.

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    They Shared A Seat With Their Dog And Things Got Messy

    From Redditor u/PhalseProfts:

    My family went on a road trip from Florida to Connecticut, and my older sister brought her college boyfriend. We also decided to bring our 95-pound hound dog, because we were spending a week up at this lovely lake house and it'd be fun to have the dog with us.

    To accommodate the whole group, we rented a full-size van. My parents were in the front seats, my sister and her boyfriend in the back seats, and I shared the middle row with the dog.

    About 40 minutes into the drive, it smelled like the dog had ripped a really serious fart. I had been leaning forward to chat with my mom, but at the moment the stench hit me, I decided to lean back to say something about dog toots to my sister.

    To my horror, it turns out it wasn't a fart. In all the heat and excitement, the dog squirted out a yellow, soggy pile of diarrhea. Which I sat directly on top of when I leaned back. It was so, so gross.

    Luckily, we had put a throw blanket on the seat, which we just balled up and tossed. We weren't near any bathrooms, so I changed my pants on the side of the road, trying to hide behind the van. It was pretty mortifying.

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    They Spilled A Large Soda On Their Jeans

    From Redditor u/Dilduo:

    Went from [Connecticut] to [Vermont], like a four- or five-hour drive. I was like 11, stopped at McDonalds like 30 minutes in, split my large soda all over my lap in the car and had to go the whole way soaking wet. Wearing wet jeans for like four hours is very unpleasant.