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20 Stories Of Wedding Speeches Gone Terribly Wrong

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Weddings are supposed to be joyous occasions, but this doesn't always work out when a microphone is involved. Needless to say, passing a mic can lead to some very cringey situations on a happy couple's big day. Here are a few stories about wedding speeches gone terribly, terribly wrong. 

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    Posted by u/MiloMolly:

    The best man getting drunk and asking his current wife for a divorce into the microphone because, “She just won't f**king leave me unless I make a big deal of it.”

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    'Always Gets What She Wants'

    Posted by a Redditor:

    I was part of the catering crew at a wedding. The ceremony was on the beach and the reception was in the resort. When the bride and groom came in the entire wait staff kind of dropped their jaws because these kids couldn’t have been more than like 18-20 years old. Everyone was super young.

    When the father of the bride made his speech, he went on and on about how his daughter always gets what she wants. She had this wedding at the beach and they were going to have a second wedding back home in Texas. Then he goes on to describe every extracurricular activity she ever did and quit.

    “Cheerleader for 6 months, then she took up dancing for a few weeks. She got really into sewing for a while but quit when she joined Girl Scouts, which she left to chase her dream of being a dog walker...”

    Basically his whole speech was calling her a spoiled brat who doesn’t stick with anything. So the groom probably felt awesome about that.

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    Worst Man

    Posted by u/LadyOfAvalon83:

    Best man at my cousin Paul's wedding. He gave a speech about how the bride, Julia, used to love horse-riding, but after she started dating Paul she was no longer interested in horse riding. The best man said, "Women just need something big and masculine between their legs." Cue a load of shocked speechless grandparents.

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    Flower Power

    Posted by u/Marekje:

    My father, at my wedding: "Marriage is like a bouquet of flowers. Over times, it withers and you have to change it."

    He wanted to say that you need to take care of the bouquet and , obviously, but he misremembered the quote from another wedding

    My wife and I are separating, so I guess he was right :D

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