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20 Stories Of Wedding Speeches Gone Terribly Wrong

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Weddings are supposed to be joyous occasions, but this doesn't always work out when a microphone is involved. Needless to say, passing a mic can lead to some very cringey situations on a happy couple's big day. Here are a few stories about wedding speeches gone terribly, terribly wrong. 

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    Poor Jackie

    Posted by u/ooostur:

    Best man speech: "Back in high school, when Bill first told me he liked Jackie, I said, 'Jackie!? Ewww!' But that's how I knew Bill really liked her for who she was as a person."

    Jackie was not very attractive

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    'A Good Woman'

    Posted by u/Badwolf97:

    The only thing the best man said was, “Well, we’re all here today for one reason, a good woman died. May she rest in peace.” About the grooms late (first) wife, who passed away over 10 years ago.

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    Elizabeth Is The Real Victim Here

    Posted by u/dontFart_InSpaceSuit:

    Mother of the groom called the wife "Elizabeth" in her speech. Elizabeth wasn't her name. Elizabeth was the name of the groom's best friend who happened to be an attractive woman. more attractive than the wife. Elizabeth is who the mother wanted her son to marry. Elizabeth was there, too.

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    'Not A Real Marriage'

    Posted by u/Petronella23:

    "Well, this wedding was nice and all, but I'm sure all the married couples here know it's not a real marriage until you start having children!"

    The bride was infertile.

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