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People Of Reddit Describe The Most Messed-Up Things They've Done In 'World of Warcraft' 

Joesph Langdon
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Avid MMO players know the worst things to do in World of Warcraft go far beyond the Death Knight quest line. After all, many of those players turn to griefing, scamming, and even blackmail to get their kicks. Whether a sign of game addiction or just twisted fun, screwing with others remains a popular pastime in WoW

As WoW evolves, each expansion brings new methods of mayhem to the table, along with new rivalries. Maybe your guild master plays favorites with their IRL friends, or a griefer won't stop spawn camping your corpse. We all have our reasons for being less than kind online - but these mischievous World of Warcraft stories will leave you squirming.

They Bailed On Their Guild Leader For Having Cancer

From Redditor /u/Crash_cash:

I was in a guild on Kargath-US, just recently promoted to officer in the guild. The guild leader was a great guy, helped anyone he could and didn't expect anything in return. This was back in BC, and we were about midway thru Black Temple. The guild leader found out he had cancer, and that it was terminal. Fast forward a few months, and he can't raid as much as he used to for obvious reasons. The other officers hold a secret meeting and decide to bail on the guild and our leader. Every raider except three of us left the guild and joined a bigger one. The guild leader logs on the next day and is heartbroken. His friends and officers, some of which he had known on WOW since beta, all left him. He died shortly after. I can't even play that character without thinking of this story.

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Their Guild Pulled A 'Mean Girls' On Them

From Redditor /u/Illidari_Kuvira:

I was already in a bit of depressed state. Guild leader pulled me into voice chat and repeated "nobody likes you, everybody hates you." His girlfriend made fun of me for crying. I almost died that day. Even worse? The Stockholm Syndrome was so bad, I didn't leave the guild for a few weeks after. They "needed" me as their top DPS.

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After A Guild Leader Died And Their Best Friend Took Over, A Guildee Stole Control

From Redditor /u/Hybridgod:

In Wrath of the Lich King, around ICC's release, my GM had gotten in a car accident and had to go to hospital, since it was around five years ago, I don't quite remember what she had, but it was bad. Her roommate logged into her account and took over GM while she was in hospital and told us what was happening, I was an officer in that guild and very good friends with her. A few weeks later she passed away, and we had a funeral for her in Sholazar Basin, were Andrew (her roommate) killed her shaman (her main character) and we all stood around dressed up in dresses and tuxedos giving speeches.

Andrew then took over as GM playing on her druid, (not touching her shaman). Andrew then had to go to work for about three weeks while barely being able to play, so he gave GM to an officer named Demi who they trusted. When Andrew was back working normal hours and could play, she wouldn't give him GM back, she said that he gave it to her as temporary but the people of the guild thought she was a better GM, which none of us did, so they fought and people took sides, Andrew started a new guild, I of course was good friends with Andrew, and thought Demi was my friend, until she betrayed what Lanya (who was the shaman/previous GM) wanted for the guild.

A week later I logged into my alt and checked on the guild since it was still in it, to my surprise Demi left the guild, made her alt the new GM and took everything from the GB. So from my GM/friend's death, to a good friend betraying me and Lanya's roommate, things went from bad to worse.

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They Got Their Best Friend's Account Banned Buying Gold

From Redditor /u/Hacan1888:

Back in vanilla, I was curious about buying gold since it was so hard to come by but was skeptical about using a website to do so. I do a little research (AKA Google) and find one that seems legit. In my defensive mindset, I decided that it wasn't the best idea to plug in my account information that the website "required" in order to begin the transaction but was intrigued enough to plug in my best friend's 60 warrior info that I knew so I could see if this was a legit website. Of course the website goes blank after plugging in my (his) information and I get away scot-free (or so I think). Two days later my friend gets banned from the game for "suspicious account activity" and has no idea why he was banned still to this day. It took him months to level another warrior and by the point he hit 60 again, BC had come out. I still feel like an *sshole.

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