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19 Animals Hiding In Toilets That Confirm Our Worst Nightmares Are Real

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Imagine: You’re about to take a leak when a 10-foot snake suddenly latches down on your junk! Unfortunately, it happened to an unlucky man in Thailand when a large python made its way up from the sewer, into his toilet, and bit down on his penis. However, snakes in toilets aren’t the only scary things in your bathroom. In fact, there could be many other animals that are hiding in your toilet right now! Might be wise to look before you sit.

You may wonder how all these creatures get into the pot and why. In reality, these animals are either looking for an exit, because they were trapped in the sewer and instinctively followed the plumbing pipes up towards freedom, or they are living in the bowl because the environment is perfectly balanced to their liking.

Discover which creatures are most commonly found in toilets, and which ones are strange and rare occurrences.