These 13 Terrifying Children's Books Will Still Scare You As An Adult Today

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Anyone who has read scary children's books when they were younger knows that some of the most macabre writing in the world was created for kids. This shouldn't be surprising, considering that nightmare books for kids have a long history, which includes the original Grimm's Fairy Tales. In fact, many of the 21st century's most beloved fairy tales have been heavily watered down to make them more palatable for modern audiences. Fortunately, there are still some authors and publishers willing to take risks by producing children's books that are actually scary. 

Each of the books on this list have helped children learn about some of the darkest aspects of humanity. They've also enabled kids to mentally work through nightmare scenarios and get safely to the other side, such as in Coraline, where a young girl must escape a twisted, fantastical version of her own reality. Aside from all of that, though, these books are also flat-out creepy and a lot of fun to read. Check out the books for kids below and vote up the ones that are the most horrifying.