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20 People Share The Most Shocking Drunken Confessions

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Loose lips sink ships, but so does too much liquor. In a recent subreddit, people are sharing the deep, dark secrets that were revealed to them while the other person was intoxicated. From marrying the wrong person to identity theft, these confessions are sobering, to say the least. Here is a small sampling of the shared drunk confessions. Vote up the confession that was best left unheard. 

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    New Information On A New Husband

    Posted by Redditor /u/darkrose:

    I have a friend who’s grandmother married her late husband's friend. One day while drunk he confessed to killing her first husband. She packed up the kids and left.

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    Ex Marks The Spot

    Posted by Reddit /u/kmartfreak:

    "If my ex were still in love with me, I wouldn't be married to you."

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    A Lesson On Gun Safety

    Posted by Redditor /u/WeedWooloo:

    I had woken up one night to gunshots in the house when I was a small kid. I was scared and hid, and the morning I saw three bullet holes into my door and through my wall. I had asked my parents what that noise was. Both had said nothing happened last night. When I took them to my room and showed them the holes and they said, “It’s always been like that honey.” So I thought... I had imagined the events of the night.

    About 5 [years] later, my now stepmom drunkenly tells me that one of the fights she and my dad had was about guns in the house and how she tried to show my father how [dangerous they were]. She was very drunk, had gotten the safe open with a crowbar, found the ammo, and [fired three times] into my room to show my father how someone could get [hurt] by having a gun in the house.

    She insisted if she could do it, obviously a small child could.... I haven’t ever talked to her since she confessed that to me.

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    Wedding Night Blues

    Posted by Redditor /u/CriticallyNormal:

    Night before his wedding day:

    "I'm still in love with C____ but I'm still gunna marry F____ tomorrow because it's too late now."

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