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A Person Hid In Their Own Attic While An Intruder Hunted Them Down, And The Account Is Harrowing

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Home is the place where you're supposed to feel safe, but sometimes, something unexpected happens.

In a story on r/LetsNotMeet, Redditor u/StaringVoid shared a terrifying home invasion tale, in which an unknown, aggravated intruder broke into their house and searched for them through every single room. Fortunately, they were able to hide out and escape the intruder's wrath, but according to the original poster's (OP) account, they still don't know the identity of this mysterious man - or what he wanted with them.

Beware: This scary home invasion story may just make you want to double-check the locks on your doors one more time.

(This story has been lightly edited for concision. You can read the full story here.)

  • The OP First Suspected Something Was Wrong When They Smelled Cigarettes

    "A few years ago, I was renting a house in Northern California. The neighborhood was just outside the suburbs... The area had no street lights, so it was very dark at night especially if there were clouds blocking the moonlight. It didn’t bother me though. It made my little house feel even more quaint on dark nights.

    I got home from work one day in mid winter. It was a cloudy night, so pulling up to my house, I saw only what my headlights and front porch light illuminated. When I got out of my car, I caught a whiff of cigarette smoke. That was odd as I had never smelled that before around that house. I didn’t see anyone nearby, so I ignored it and went inside.

    I had just got off a shift with a few hours of overtime, so I felt pretty tired. Even though it wasn’t even 7 p.m. yet, I decided to take a shower and call it a night."

  • A Noise Woke Them In The Middle Of The Night

    "I woke up sometime later sure that I had heard a noise inside my house. I wasn’t worried right away because my friend would sometimes stop by to use my shower after work on his way to his night classes. I even gave him a spare key so he could stop by even if I wasn’t home. He would always text me to let me know beforehand though, and I hadn’t heard my phone go off.

    I reached over to my bedside table and picked up my cell phone to see if my friend had sent me a text. The bright light from my phone’s screen and number pad blinded me. These were the days before phones had a light sensor that would dim the screen in the dark, and this particular phone was so bright I could use it as a flashlight.

    Through squinted eyes, I could make out that it was 9 something, but I couldn’t tell if I had an unread text or not."

  • The OP Then Heard Footsteps Running Through The First Floor Of The House

    "I set my phone aside and called out my friend’s name. There were a couple of seconds of silence before I heard loud foot falls as someone started running through the bottom floor of my house. I leapt out of bed and ran to the closet. They were already up the stairs by the time I had opened the door and stepped inside."

  • The Intruder Ran Past The Bedroom, Giving The OP Time To Hide In The Attic

    "That house had three rooms upstairs: two bedrooms on either side of the hallway, the one I was in and a spare, and a bathroom at the end. The bedroom doors were both closed, but the bathroom door was cracked open.

    I heard whoever was in my house thunder down the hallway past my door and into the bathroom. Thank god he did. That gave me enough time to open the attic access in the ceiling of my closet and hoist myself up."