Graveyard Shift

Terrifying Monsters And Urban Myths From The Philippines 

Lyra Radford
Updated April 27, 2020 41.3k views 13 items

When thinking of spine-tingling monsters, many might think of Japanese horror stories or Korean urban legends. You may be surprised to find that the Philippines has its fair share of mythic creatures that are as bizarre as they are mortifying. Pranksters, witches, and deathbed stalkers have a place in the line-up of scary creatures prowling around the Southeast Asian country. 

In general, many myths have some kernel of truth to them, like unusual creation stories that explain documented tragedies or natural disasters. However, that's not the case with the urban myths of the Philippines - these tales are woven with the sole intent of striking fear into people. Compiled in this list are legends of mythical Philippine creatures that will have you checking over your shoulder as you read. 

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The Amalanhig (also called Amamanhig or Amaranhit) is the Philippine version of the undead. Not having transferred their power to a relative, they rise from their grave and lurk in the woods, feeding on the blood and life essence of nearby villagers. When getting revenge against someone, they will tickle the person to death while absorbing their life-force.

If chased by an Amalanhig, it's advised that you climb a crooked tree or jump into a body of water because they cannot climb and water turns them into a pile of worms.