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Wednesday Wolf Creates Pokemon You'd Only Encounter In Your Nightmares

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Wednesday Wolf uses pens, inks, and watercolors to manifest delightfully scary Pokémon drawings to craft a unique blend of nostalgia and fear. Creating watercolor paintings that resemble the horrific artwork you'd find lying within the pages of an old copy of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, this terrifying Pokémon fan art from Wednesday Wolf mashes up the colorful and sensational gaming and anime franchise with the spooky elements of artists such as Stephen Gammell and HR Giger. Perhaps he's onto the fact that Pokémon gets creepy. If you want to be truly appalled by a beloved children's anime series, Wednesday Wolf's scary Pokémon fan art definitely does the trick.

Other than Pokémon, Wesnesday has a habit of completely reimagining cartoon-y, animated characters into nightmarish and grotesque creatures, such as making Finn and Jake from Adventure Time into mortifying entities and transforming Nintendo's Mario and Luigi into grotesque spectacles through art. In the same way realistic cartoon depictions shift the way you see your beloved cartoon friends, Wolf's Pokémon might make you a little nervous to reboot your old Gameboy.