Graveyard Shift Terrifying Toy Stories That Will Ruin Your Childhood  

Lowe Saddler
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There's nothing scary about a toy, right? Wrong – these seemingly innocuous playthings can be some of the most frightening things on earth. Consider the vacant, glassy eyes of a doll, or the weirdly fixed smile of a teddy bear. There's no doubt about it – these toys can be downright terrifying.

Toys are partially creepy because it's so easy to assign feeling to them. Remember those pangs of guilt you felt after stuffing your onetime favorite action figure in the back of the closet? And that toy turnover happens all too often; children are some of the most wasteful consumers. They love their toys, but after a few weeks in rotation, even the most coveted Paw Patrol Rescue Vehicle gets tossed in the trash. That self-burping baby doll that every five-year-old pines over is left in a dark corner after the novelty wears off. 

One wonders, though, how must the toys feel to be discarded so rashly. Can society's unwanted plastic playthings be sentient? Do they hate to be a part of such a wasteful economy? The people of Reddit believe that their toys can, in fact, be dangerous and animate. They believe that their stuffed animals revolt against owners that only play with them for a season.

It may or may not be possible for toys to be alive and exacting, but these terrifying Reddit toy stories will make you seriously reconsider that next unnecessary Toys R Us shopping spree.

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The Floppy Bear

From Zanki:

"When I was a little kid, I used to sleep with a bed full of soft toys. I had my large bears and Noah (the awesome polar bear that has never left my side since I got him). I fell asleep after a few hours... but something woke me up after my mum had gone to bed. It was very early in the morning, 1 AM or 2 AM and I could hear something. I stayed very still and listened.

Then I felt it, one of my soft toys climbed over me and slid off the side of the bed and onto the floor with a thud. I tried to catch it moving, but it was just standing next to my bed (it was a floppy toy bear so it couldn't stand on its own). I grabbed it and asked it what it was doing. It didn't say anything or move. I dumped it back on the bed, and fell back to sleep after a while. I made sure all the dolls and soft toys apart from Noah left my room after that.

I've tried to rationalize it since then. I was still pretty young when it happened, under 10, but I remember it so clearly, I was not dreaming, I know I wasn't."

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She's Watching You

From Twatwaffle83:

"You know those cheapie plastic dolls that you can get at craft stores that you can knit or crochet elaborate dresses for? Popular with grannies. My mom received one of these dolls with a purple and white dress from an elderly neighbor lady not long before the lady passed away. My mom had a blue armchair in her bedroom and had the doll sitting on it. She always kept the door open. Every time I would pass her room, the doll would turn it's [sic] head to look at me. My nephew (who is not much younger than me) experienced the same thing. I had nightmares about that doll, I just hated it. Eventually my mom gave it away and I was beyond relieved."

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Mickey Wants To Leave

From nyongtory:

"When I was younger, about 10 to 12 years, I remember my mom had two Minnie and Mickey Mouse toys. They were as tall as a five year old child, so for a toy they were quite big. A friend of my grandma gave them to my mom, and then she gave them to me.

I used to play and sleep with them, but at a time I started noticing weird stuff happening with the toys. One day, I left Mickey in the bed and Minnie in the living room, so I went to the kitchen because my mom was talking to me. When I came back, Mickey was close to the door of the bedroom, like if he were trying to get out of there. It happened a few times, in different parts of the house. The toys were moving from one part to another, I always asked my mom if she could've moved them, but she said no."

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The Doll Demands You Play

From a former Reddit user:

"When my sister was little, she got this doll that automatically closed and opened its eyes. It was all mechanical action. When you lay it down, it closes its eyes and says, 'Good night.' When you put it upright, it would open its eyes and say, 'Play with me.' The eye movement triggered the talking. It was already creepy at first, but a few years went by and the mechanicals were starting to stick. Like the eyes delayed closing and opening. Also, the battery was unchangeable.

With a dying battery, its voice went from a high pitch of child abuse to low demonic possession. I did not know this because the doll was tossed into the closet for a few years. When I went through the closet and found it, I picked it up, the eyes didn't open at first, so I looked at it, the eyes snapped open really fast and the low 'Play with me' of a possessed male banshee accompanied the eyes. I promptly threw that f*cker out the window into the trash bin. My kids are never getting dolls."

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