Terrifying Toy Stories That Will Ruin Your Childhood

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There's nothing scary about a toy, right? Wrong – these seemingly innocuous playthings can be some of the most frightening things on earth. Consider the vacant, glassy eyes of a doll, or the weirdly fixed smile of a teddy bear. There's no doubt about it – these toys can be downright terrifying.

Toys are partially creepy because it's so easy to assign feeling to them. Remember those pangs of guilt you felt after stuffing your onetime favorite action figure in the back of the closet? And that toy turnover happens all too often; children are some of the most wasteful consumers. They love their toys, but after a few weeks in rotation, even the most coveted Paw Patrol Rescue Vehicle gets tossed in the trash. That self-burping baby doll that every five-year-old pines over is left in a dark corner after the novelty wears off. 

One wonders, though, how must the toys feel to be discarded so rashly. Can society's unwanted plastic playthings be sentient? Do they hate to be a part of such a wasteful economy? The people of Reddit believe that their toys can, in fact, be dangerous and animate. They believe that their stuffed animals revolt against owners that only play with them for a season.

It may or may not be possible for toys to be alive and exacting, but these terrifying Reddit toy stories will make you seriously reconsider that next unnecessary Toys R Us shopping spree.


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    She's Watching You

    From Twatwaffle83:

    "You know those cheapie plastic dolls that you can get at craft stores that you can knit or crochet elaborate dresses for? Popular with grannies. My mom received one of these dolls with a purple and white dress from an elderly neighbor lady not long before the lady passed away. My mom had a blue armchair in her bedroom and had the doll sitting on it. She always kept the door open. Every time I would pass her room, the doll would turn it's [sic] head to look at me. My nephew (who is not much younger than me) experienced the same thing. I had nightmares about that doll, I just hated it. Eventually my mom gave it away and I was beyond relieved."

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    The Mysterious Bunny

    From IcePhoenix18:

    "I had a little plush bunny from Easter that played music when you squeezed its tummy. I kept it in a drawer in my (closed) closet. One morning at 5 AM, I woke up to something landing on my stomach. It was the bunny, playing the music incredibly slowly. I got up and threw it into the hall because it scared me. When my mom came to wake me up, I asked her if it was still there. Nope. She still doesn't remember anything to do with that bunny 12 years later."

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    Mickey Wants To Leave

    From nyongtory:

    "When I was younger, about 10 to 12 years, I remember my mom had two Minnie and Mickey Mouse toys. They were as tall as a five year old child, so for a toy they were quite big. A friend of my grandma gave them to my mom, and then she gave them to me.

    I used to play and sleep with them, but at a time I started noticing weird stuff happening with the toys. One day, I left Mickey in the bed and Minnie in the living room, so I went to the kitchen because my mom was talking to me. When I came back, Mickey was close to the door of the bedroom, like if he were trying to get out of there. It happened a few times, in different parts of the house. The toys were moving from one part to another, I always asked my mom if she could've moved them, but she said no."

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    The Robot Wants Attention

    From Raptor-foetus:

    "When I was about eight, I was obsessed with robot dogs and cats etc. But on my ninth birthday, we went to the toyshop and there was a mini robot that had games in his tummy screen. He would talk back to you, really basic stuff. He would do dances and you could plug him into the computer to give him commands. I thought he was amazing. IR-v, I think it was called. Anyway, in the middle of the night my mum was woken up by some one yelling out. She came in to check on me and my siblings. She went back to bed. She kept listening out for it. Then again, 'HELLO! Is anybody there?'

    Mum was getting creeped out by now. She checked on us all again and still we were all sleeping. 'HELLO! Is anybody there?' She woke me up and turned on the light, she was freaking out. We both looked around for the source of this creepy f*ckery. Then we found IR-v dancing around under some of my other toys wanting to play. I got rid of him soon after. He would turn himself on and demand attention. He was a creepy little bastard."

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    A Song In The Middle Of The Night

    From Alirya1228:

    "When I was like seven or eight, my dad gave me a Madame Alexander doll which started my love of beautiful porcelain dolls. My mom's boyfriend learned this and got me a (cheap) porcelain doll for Christmas. It had one of those wind up things on the back an would play 'Sweet Child of Mine.' I liked it at first until in the middle of the night it would just start playing. By itself. It moved to the very back of my closet after that and then I left it there when I took my sister's room when she moved out. My brother, who inherited the old room, said he found the doll 'cause he would hear it play in the middle of the night too."

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    The Shrieking Doll

    From britime:

    "My mother used to have this doll that she kept next to her bed. I'm sure it used to be cute, but at the time it looked like it came from the Island of Dolls.

    This doll had one of those strings that you would pull and it emitted adorable girly giggles and squeals. Except the speaker in it was mildly busted, and the sound was slowed to a terrifying and guttural 'hyeeehhhhh hyaaahh hnnyaaaaaa' followed by a banshee-esque shriek. Once started, it wouldn't shut up, even after I removed the batteries. Every time you looked at it, it would never be in quite the same place as it was before."

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