The Best Terry Crews Movies

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Almost 300 movie fans have come together to cast their votes for the best Terry Crews movies. With an impressive career spanning 30 years, Terry Crews is one of Hollywood's most beloved and versatile actors. Whether it's comedies, action films, or even animated features, Crews has proven time and again that he can do it all with style and charisma.

Fans of his work praise him for his unique blend of wit, charm, and physicality - a combination that has provided us with some genuinely memorable characters over the years. From his scene-stealing role in White Chicks to his more heartfelt character portrayals, Crews brings something special to every role he plays.

This list celebrates those movies where Terry Crews shines brightest - from lighthearted comedies like Blended and The Longest Yard to more serious fare such as Harsh Times. So why not take a look at our rankings and see how your favorite Terry Crews movie fares? Don't forget to vote up your favorites so they climb higher on the list.

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