15 People Reveal Their Worst Test Taking Stories So You Don't Make The Same Mistakes

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Are you a good test taker? These people certainly aren't, and they're sharing their worst test taking stories so you will know what not to do when taking a test. Read on and vote up the worst stories you hope you won't ever repeat.

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    She Was Too Afraid Of The Dark To Finish The SAT

    From Redditor u/catgeo:

    The first time I took the SAT, the power went out in the middle of it. There were large windows in the room and you could see well, even on the other side of the room, so the proctor told us to just keep going. Everyone gets back to work, but one girl in the front suddenly starts shaking. A couple of minutes later, you can hear her whimpering. Finally, she starts sobbing and loudly states "I'm too afraid of the dark". She gets up, leaves everything on her desk, and walks out. Never came back to finish.

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    She Got So Frustrated She Left And Ghosted Everyone On Social Media

    From Redditor u/Beartow:

    On my year abroad, a girl went kinda wild during an in-class speaking test. The teacher told her she was answering incorrectly, so she stormed out of the room and hid in the bathroom until the break. When everyone was downstairs, she sneaked back into the classroom, wrote "no sympathy, no respect" on the blackboard, gathered her stuff, and just disappeared. We know she got back to England at some point, but she never came back to university and deleted absolutely everyone on Facebook.

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    She Slammed Her Fists On The Desk

    From Redditor u/LucasSatie:

    A girl in my AP Calculus class back in high school flipped out a bit. She started slamming her fists against the desk yelling "we never covered this in class!"

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    A Girl Started Crying And Ate Her Test

    From Redditor u/riceisnicewithice:

    History finals 10th grade. The girl started crying and ate her test. The teacher made no attempt to stop her.

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    An Important Exam Resulted In A Girl Being On Bed Rest For Several Months

    From Redditor u/butterflyvortices:

    There is an extremely important exam that determines where (if) you get into college in China. It's what students have been working hard for since elementary school. In my parent's generation, only like 4% of the population could go to college, and rural families had to sacrifice a lot to send their children to middle or high school. Apparently, people taking the exam stressed out so much that they literally fainted while sitting the exam, sometimes unexpectedly, in the middle of writing an answer. A girl my mother knew had to spend a year recuperating -- the doctor ordered several months of bed rest -- but I think she was able to ace it the second time around.

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    He Didn't Read The Book So He Drew A Picture Instead

    From a former Redditor:

    It was the 11th Grade English final exam we had to write a paper on Huck Finn. My friend Michael starts laughing to himself and frantically writing on his exam paper. He finishes the test quickly and leaves. I finish and I go to turn in my paper when I see what he did. He wasn't writing. He was drawing. He had drawn Huck and Jim on a raft. Apparently, he never bothered to read the book.

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