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If reports are to believed, then there are plenty of Texas ghosts. Everyone loves a good ghost tale and Texas ghost stories are among the creepiest and most bizarre out there. From terrifying children to weeping women to escaped circus monkeys, there are ghost stories for everyone in the Lone Star State.

The most haunted Texas city is hard to name because there are so many sightings in the state. It is not just old city buildings that are associated with ghosts, either. There are many sightings in the Texas hill country, in West Texas, and other equally rural places where incidents in the past have resulted in otherworldly spirits and paranormal happenings.

Whether you believe in ghosts, or are just curious to see what kind of ghost stories Texas has to offer, then this is a list you won't forget.

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The Ghosts of Rivera High School

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Rivera High School in Brownsville is haunted by the ghost of a girl who was murdered there. She was killed in the girls' locker room, in the area of the shower stalls. Today you will occasionally hear her screams coming from the place she was murdered.

The school also had a basketball coach that died of a heart attack. People in the school after hours speak of hearing a basketball bouncing in the empty gym where he worked.

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The Lost Little Girl of La Minita Creek

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In the 1950s, a car traveling north of Roma, Texas, crashed into La Minita Creek during a thunderstorm. The parents of the car escaped, but their eight-year-old daughter's body was never found. Locals, illegal border crossers, and even dove-hunters in the areas have all reported sighting a soaking wet little girl wandering the banks of the river looking lost and confused.

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San Antonio's Ghost Children

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The story here is that at some point in the past, a school bus full of kids broke down on a set of railroad tracks in San Antonio. A speeding train came through, obliterating the bus and all the kids on board - all of the streets in the area are named after the dead children. If a car stops on the same tracks today, it will be moved off of them by the ghosts of the dead children. If you put talcum or another other powder on the trunk of your car, you will find tiny hand prints left behind after the car has been moved.

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Ghost Trains of Aquilla

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The small Texas town of Aquilla was said to have been all but burned to the ground twice by sparks coming from trains on the railroad passing through the middle of town. The tracks were pulled up and no trains passed through after the second fire. Even so residents today in nearby towns hear the sound of the locomotive and feel the rattle of the ghost train. There have also been reports of an unexplained bright light following the path of the old tracks.

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