Graveyard Shift

12 Shocking Murder Cases In The Texas Killing Fields

For many readers who live outside the Lone Star State, the question that’s running through your head is probably, “What are the Texas killing fields?” They’re exactly what they sound like: a 25-acre stretch of land just off of Interstate 45 that’s known for being the prime place to dump the bodies of young women. Since the early '70s, more than 30 bodies of young women from the ages of 12 to 19 have been discovered in the fields, but only a few of their murders have ever been solved. Many people believe that the crimes are the work of a Texas serial killer, and despite a few career criminals coming forward to claim responsibility for the shocking true crimes, no one has ever been able to put all the pieces of this gruesome puzzle together.

One of the reasons for the lack of coherency in the Texas killing field cases is that there’s one missing link between all the crimes: multiple causes of death seem to point to a variety of murderers all ditching their victims' corpses into the old oil field and hoping for the best. Because so many of the murders linked to the late '70s and early '80s are so similar, it’s possible that there was a serial killer operating in the area at the time, but there are just as many clues pointing to multiple murderers using the killing fields as a common dumping ground. Read about these murders in the Texas killing fields and see if you can connect the dots.