WATCH Don't Text And Drive Around Giant Sinkholes, Just Ask This Guy  

Rebecca High

A man on a moped in southern China had the surprise of his life recently, and it's lucky he escaped with his life. This CCTV footage captured the whole incident.

The man is rolling down the street on his scooter, completely engrossed in his phone.

Suddenly, and completely bizarrely, a sinkhole opens up in the middle of the pavement as the whole street collapses. The man on his bike only realizes what's happening as he plummets head-first into the sinkhole.

Even more strangely, the eyewitnesses seem in no rush to wander over to the poor guy. The whole video is a strange little glimpse of what happens when you let technology deaden you to the real world. Thankfully, the texting driver survived without even getting injuries.