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List of Textile Companies

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Welcome to a list of the top textile companies in the world, ordered by their prominence and including corporate logos. This list of major textile manufacturing companies includes the largest and most profitable textile businesses, corporations, agencies, vendors, and firms in the fabric industry. These businesses produce many of the clothes and fabrics that surround you every day, so you better know their company names at least.

The biggest textile companies are listed here, so obviously many of the top textile brands are also accounted for. This list includes the most famous textile companies, as well as some smaller fabric manufacturing companies. As such, it's a valuable resource for anyone seeking a solid textile company or individuals looking for textile employment.

Familiar textile giants on this list include Ralph Lauren Corporation, Tommy Hilfiger Corporation, and many more. Here, you'll find answers to the questions that have plagued you for so, so long, questions like, "What are the biggest textile companies in the world?" and "What are the most successful textile companies?"
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