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Texting Tips You Should Definitely Know

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Texting can be tough. Things get lost in translation and before you know it you've just completely blown it with the guy or girl of your dreams. Chill out text-dummy, we've got all the texting tips you'll need to survive the virtual battlefield. Let us teach you how to text, so you don't have funny text fails to add to your resume.

When you are trying to let someone know you are interested in them, texting can feel like the absolute worst, most awkward thing ever. What should you say? Are you texting them too much? (If you have to ask, that means you probably are). Do they realize you were being sarcastic and not serious? Do they think you are using too many emojis? (Again, if you have to ask, you probably are). Does their phone even GET emojis? There are so many things to worry about. 

Have no fear, texting-rookie, our list is filled with textbook texting tips that will help you avoid that awkward, hours-long silence on text. We also have some general texting etiquette tips as well - like calling instead of texting to cancel a date, and texting before you're late to say you're running behind. Other things you should know by now: call Mom instead of text her (although, #momtexts are hilarious) and try to avoid group texts unless everyone knows each other. 

So put the phone down (unless you're viewing this list on it) and scroll through our list of texting hacks. Then put those digits to good work and vote up the best texting tip! 
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    Download Apps That Help You Avoid the Drunk Text

    We've all sent them and received them - the drunk text message where you plead to an ex to get back together, or declare your undying love for the hot girl from the office that doesn't even know your name. Luckily, there are multiple apps for this problem. 
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    Text BEFORE You're Late

    If you're going to be late to something, text BEFORE you're late. If a date is at 7, don't send the text at 7 to say you're going to be 10 minutes late. Try to text as soon as you know you're running behind.
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    Don't Be Desperate

    Nothing makes a person say "yikes!" more than a desperate texter. Play it cool if someone ditches out on you, or better yet, move on. Give the person a reason to want to be with you – throwing yourself at them is just going to do the opposite.
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    Stop Texting and Driving

    By now you should know that texting and driving is not safe. Like, at all. That means no texting even when you're at a stop light. According to Step the Texts. Stop the Wrecks, you're three times more likely to have an accident when you text and drive. Seriously, put the phone down, it can wait. 
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