The Best Texts of Exes Being Put in Their Place

No matter how much you try to keep your online interactions to a minimum, texting is a communication method that's been engrained into our millennial minds. So it goes without saying that after a particularly rough breakup, the ex girlfriend and ex boyfriend text messages will flow through you like hate flowing through Emperor Palpatine. Whether you want them to come back to your loving arms, or you want them to fall in a ditch, check out this list of texts from exes that really got them put in their place. Maybe you've been waiting for inspiration to strike so you can tell off your own no-good dirty cheat of an ex. If so, feel free to rip these funny dating texts responses right from the list!
How do you deal with an unwanted message from an ex flame? Has anyone ever insulted your approach by shutting you down via text? Why won't you return my texts, Brian? I know you're back with that beige cardigan and it's been two years, but come on. Don't do me like this. Remember how we used to laugh? Brian, don't do this. Please. Brian. Respond. 
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Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY