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Our Favorite TGIF Actors At The Beginning And End Of Their Shows

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Imagine going back in time and experiencing TGIF as it was decades ago. TGIF was the classic block of shows, typically family-oriented sitcoms, on Friday evenings. The lineup obviously shifted as shows gained popularity and others ended, but the block of shows was a staple for the ABC channel for many years. Shows like Boy Meets World, Family Matters, and Full House thrived in the TGIF window as people young and old fell in love with the characters as they faced life. 

Most of the TGIF actors truly experienced growing up on-screen. When Full House started, Jodie Sweetin was only five years old, but at the show's finale, she was entering her teen years at 13 years old. Most of these young TGIF cast grew up and we definitely noticed, but it's difficult to fully picture their transformations unless they're side by side.