19 Hilarious Things We Saw On The Internet This Month That Made Us Say 'But Why?'

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From partially shaved cats to guinea pigs with Disney face filters on them, here are some random images we saw this month that made us laugh and groan at the same time. Enjoy!

  • 1. Gulag Mac And Cheese

    Gulag Mac And Cheese
    Photo: Twitter / Reddit
    373 votes
  • 2. A Huge Mistake

    A Huge Mistake
    Photo: u/kemidawn / Reddit
    392 votes
  • 3. All About Arms

    All About Arms
    Photo: Twitter / Reddit
    303 votes
  • 4. Morays

    Photo: u/Psychological_Fun_99 / Reddit
    308 votes
  • 5. Yes

    Photo: Twitter / Reddit
    265 votes
  • 6. Oh

    Photo: u/valeroesq / Reddit
    299 votes