16 Random Posts We Saw This Month That Toe The Line Between Hilarious And Cursed

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From muppet screams to deep-fried transformers, here are some random posts we saw this month that made us say "thanks, I hate it." Enjoy!

  • 1. Terrible Experience

    Terrible Experience
    Photo: u/npcwojak / Reddit
    64 votes
  • 2. Teggsticle

    Photo: u/JohnTheWegie / Reddit
    43 votes
  • 3. Nice One

    Nice One
    Photo: u/AntacidChain / Reddit
    58 votes
  • 4. Life Comes At You Fast

    Life Comes At You Fast
    Photo: u/regian24 / Reddit
    47 votes
  • 5. Villain Origin Story

    Villain Origin Story
    Photo: Twitter / Reddit
    70 votes
  • 6. Oh

    Photo: u/Karloss00 / Reddit
    49 votes