17 Random Things We Saw On The Internet This Month That Made Us Say "Thanks, I Hate It"

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From drawings of Edgar Allan Poe clad in Teletubby gear to clay sculptures of beloved video game characters, here are some of the funniest things we saw on the internet this month that made us say, "wow, we hate this!" Enjoy!

  • 1. Considerate

    Photo: Twitter / Reddit
    65 votes
  • 2. Same

    Photo: Twitter / Reddit
    80 votes
  • 3. Imagine The Blisters

    Imagine The Blisters
    Photo: u/sartak_sakil87 / Reddit
    62 votes
  • 4. Nope

    Photo: u/Successful-Grape8827 / Reddit
    48 votes
  • 5. Horrifying

    Photo: Twitter / Reddit
    58 votes
  • 6. Squad

    Photo: u/cy6nu5x1 / Reddit
    45 votes