17 Random Things We Saw On The Internet This Month That Made Us Say "Wow, I Hate That"

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From sneezing at inopportune times to creepy modern bathroom appliances, here are some of the things we saw on the internet this week that made us question everything. Enjoy!

  • 1. Oof

    Photo: u/DoctorTurkelton / Reddit
    11 votes
  • 2. Ouch

    Photo: u/BlanketMage / Reddit
    10 votes
  • 3. Oh

    Photo: u/TimeToLoseIt16 / Reddit
    7 votes
  • 4. Chadonkey

    Photo: u/anuncommontruth / Reddit
    15 votes
  • 5. The Beauty Of Language

    The Beauty Of Language
    Photo: u/Comfortablejack / Reddit
    15 votes
  • 6. The Cycle Continues

    The Cycle Continues
    Photo: Twitter / Reddit
    14 votes