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11 Dogs Who Ruined Thanksgiving

Have you ever spent hours preparing a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner for your loved ones, only to find your dog's gigantic, guilty eyes staring up at you? The people in this collection of photos of dogs who totally ruined Thanksgiving know the feeling all too well. Although many fur-parents don't think twice about a lick or two of a turkey leg, or a tiny nibble of pumpkin pie, most people would agree that once your dog gets his nose into the spread, it's game over for Thanksgiving dinner. 

Some of these dogs are clearly sorry for eating an entire slice of pecan pie, while other dogs have zero shame. Some dogs are even proud of the fact that they totally ruined Thanksgiving for their humans! Vote up the best Thanksgiving dog shaming photos below. 

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    This Novice Cook Claims She Was Only Trying To Make Dessert

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    These Adorable Bad Influences

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    This Rotisserie-Robbing Wild Man

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    These Members of Operation: Turkey Heist

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