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18 Huge Thanksgiving FAILs

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List RulesUpvote the most cringeworthy Turkey Day FAILs that almost make you wish the Mayflower hadn't landed.

Thanksgiving is one of the best American holidays, but is also the most FAIL worthy. On Turkey Day, the food is the star, and you can't hide your Thanksgiving dinner screw-ups behind great presents. From questionable turkey meat to deep fryer fires, we've gathered the most absurdly awful Thanksgiving FAILs here, so learn from these mistakes. These funny Thanksgiving FAILs will have you giving thanks that your own holiday dinner certainly can't be this bad. These are some of the worst Thanksgiving ideas ever, and sadly, recipes for failure, not delicious pumpkin pie.

And it's not all about food. Even the pros at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade aren't immune. Those big balloons are tricky and take a lot of work to keep afloat. You can sit back and laugh at their parade FAILs, but make sure your own Thanksgiving decorations and centerpieces aren't more reminiscent of Halloween by NOT making the one on this list.

No matter what's on your Thanksgiving menu this year, surely your holiday meal will be better than those on this list, and maybe your turkey-themed desserts will actually look like turkeys!

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    Good Job On These Apple Pies

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    That's Not How Punctuation Works

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    As Opposed To... ?

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    Maybe Find A Different Centerpiece

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