15 People Reveal Their Thanksgiving Dinner Horror Stories So You Don't Make The Same Mistakes

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Thanksgiving lovers: vote up the worst seasonal stories you never want to replicate.

Forget about Halloween, ghosts and monsters... the real horror stories happen during the supposedly happy holiday season. Don't believe it? Keep reading and discover the eye-opening Thanksgiving dinner stories that people are sharing so you can avoid making the same mistakes. Check them out and vote up! 

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    Reheated Everything In The Microwave And Served Rotten Produce

    From Redditor u/ilmwa:

    My in-laws are terrible cooks and my MIL is easily stressed. To avoid the stress, she cooked everything two weeks ago, froze all the food, then reheated it in the microwave just before eating.

    We're talking leathery ham pieces soaking [in] pools of fat; bland turkey with messed-up texture from being frozen; mashed potatoes with chunky globs of cream cheese; and cream of mushroom straight from the can... spooned on top of green beans with onions thrown on top, no mixing, no heating in the oven.

    Other meals have consisted of expired ingredients and on-the-edge rotten produce.

    We "took a walk" and went to the gas station to eat a hot dog.

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    Ruined A Casserole In Every Possible Way

    From Redditor u/nocturnalle:

    I was making a green bean casserole from scratch. I'd never made one before. Here are all of the mistakes I made.

    I ran out of milk, so I used unsweetened Silk soymilk. Silk soymilk has vanilla in it. The whole thing smelled like a cake.

    I undercooked the green beans and didn't realize it until the beans were already in the sauce that I'd made.

    Instead of washing off the sauce and cooking the green beans more, like a sane person, I made another batch of sauce, poured it into the pan, and baked that motherf*cking casserole for two hours instead of 30 minutes. The green beans were still crunchy and the sauce hadn't evaporated like I thought it would, so we all enjoyed crunchy green beans floating in a sea of vanilla-scented bechamel.

    I forgot to add the onions on top. I ate all of the onions in the can later that same day.

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    The Roommate Ruined The Kitchen (And Ate All The Food)

    From Redditor u/mr_trick:

    My roommate's boyfriend cooked her Thanksgiving dinner while I was out of town visiting my boyfriend's family. It was a sweet gesture, but I came home to my nice pots and pans crusted with day-old food, my gorgeous knives (which I keep wrapped in cloth) wedged between plates in a pool of rusty water in the sink, and several of my ingredients missing from my cupboard.

    Spent hours cleaning all of my dishes and had to re-buy my own food and get my knives sharpened. I didn't want to say anything because she keeps gushing about how sweet he was. 

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    Turkey, Propane, And Propane Accessories

    From Redditor u/hanknpete:

    My brother always cooks the turkey each year. One year he grilled a beer can veggie stuffed turkey for five hours. When it came time to carve the turkey it looked immaculate and ready to go! The family started to eat, with questionable looks on their face. The turkey had an overwhelming taste of propane. I don't know if it was a leaky line or what, but it wasn't edible. Felt so bad, my brother was demoralized as we threw his five-hour-long labor in the trash.

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    Poured Leftover Gravy Into The Dessert

    From Redditor u/Drogheda201:

    I was helping to clean up, and poured the leftover gravy from the gravy boat into the larger pot of leftover gravy on the stove, so that the gravy boat could be washed and put away. Except the larger pot of gravy on the stove apparently wasn't gravy - it was some sort of sweet sauce for dessert that my aunt had been warming, which she more than adequately informed me of a few minutes later. Oops.

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    Father-In-Law Froze The Turkey And Ruined A $200 Knife

    From Redditor u/Fluffledoodle:

    My father-in-law helped with the dishes, which I'm grateful for. He's such a lovely person. But he froze my turkey and put my $200 Japanese knife in the dishwasher, and ruined it. It's now rusted and pitted. I told him repeatedly how delicate it is, and now it's gone. I just needed to cry a bit about it; I don't want to have a dust-up in my family. I just wish he would not dismiss me when it comes to cookware and my car. Sigh.

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