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The Biggest Thanksgiving Myths & Legends, Debunked

Updated 19 Jun 2020 35.9k views13 items

As maybe the oldest American holiday, Thanksgiving has almost 400 years of myths, urban legends, misconceptions, and falsehoods to go along with its delicious menu of turkey and pumpkin pie. Some Thanksgiving legends are fundamentally incorrect interpretations of history that never seem to go away, while others are more pop culture oriented. And of course, there are some are just nonsensical Thanksgiving conspiracy theories.

While some might say that "everything you know about Thanksgiving is wrong," it's more accurate to say that many of these stories took hold early in modern American teaching and culture. Despite many attempts to get the facts out and set people straight, these myths are still powerful and drive the way we think about the holiday, even nearly four centuries after Native Americans and settlers enjoyed a common feast.

Here are 13 Thanksgiving myths, urban legends, and silly conspiracies to discuss with your most confrontational relatives this holiday. It'll be a fun and lively debate! Some are probably things you've been getting wrong for years, and others are fringe beliefs that very few people subscribe to.
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