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Thanos's Evil Plan Is Very, Very Different In The Comics

Updated 15 Oct 2019 25.5k views10 items

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have known since 2012’s The Avengers that Thanos is coming, but one important question still remains unanswered: “Why is Thanos coming?” Thanos has made his intention to collect the Infinity Stones perfectly clear, but it’s still not entirely apparent why he wants them so badly. However, readers of Marvel Comics may have a leg up when it comes to figuring out the motivations of the Mad Titan.

Thanos has a long history of trying to get his hands on the Infinity Stones in the pages of Marvel Comics. He’s even managed to do so on a couple of occasions. Although he’s been around since 1973, Thanos’s character and motivations have remained remarkably consistent: he wants to assemble the Infinity Gauntlet because it will help him kill more people, and Thanos loves Death. That’s not a metaphorical statement, either - Thanos is madly, deeply in love with the concept and personification of Death, and that’s what has driven him to become one of the greatest villains in Marvel history.

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