culture The Meanest Pranks Parents Ever Pulled on Their Kids  

Ian Tindell
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On April Fools' day, we all try to think of great pranks we can play on victims that would be completely unsuspecting. Many people seem to forget, however, that the most unsuspecting victims in all of prankdom are innocent children. These parents did not forget this fact.

Here's a list of 10 pranks played on children (by their parents) that ensure the psychology industry's lasting prosperity. Vote up the cruelest of the cruel below... and maybe get some ideas for when your own kids need a little taste of what it feels like to be pranked.
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Jimmy Kimmel Made Us Do It!

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Video: YouTube

Few things are more exciting to kids than the day after Halloween, knowing they have loads of candy to devour. Unfortunately for these kids, they got a rude awakening when their parents got involved in one of Jimmy Kimmel's YouTube challenges.

The late night host regularly encourages parents to prank their children in the cruelest ways. These poor little guys just wanted their sweet treats, and the results when they find out their parents "ate" it all, are quite entertaining.
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When Kids Watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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So we all watched scary movies when we were younger. We all were also warned about the potential nightmares we'd have by watching these scary movies.

HOWEVER, we did not all have parents considerate enough to enter our rooms with chainsaws to prove their point.
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How To Make Your Son Hate Computers

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Remember those computer games that you would have people play only to have a scary face and a loud noise be the end result?

Remember when your own father played that particular trick on you as a young, impressionable child?

Remember being so scared that something in your brain short-wired, causing you to completely lose faith in all electronic equipment as well as your own father?

No? Well, this kid sure as hell does.
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I'm Sick Of This Dad!

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Ok, so we'll admit that right at the beginning of this video, when a brother and sister are scared by their father causing the son to retreat to the fetal position (while his sister simply backs up, thus providing years of therapy material for when he's older as he considers the definitions of "manhood" in our society) is pretty funny.

HOWEVER, the real selling point of this video is at 00:30 when the son gives his dad a tongue lashing for what seems to be years upon years of torturous scares achieved by jumping out of dark places. Maybe there's a man in him after all!