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The Meanest Pranks Parents Ever Pulled on Their Kids

On April Fools' day, we all try to think of great pranks we can play on victims that would be completely unsuspecting. Many people seem to forget, however, that the most unsuspecting victims in all of prankdom are innocent children. These parents did not forget this fact.

Here's a list of 10 pranks played on children (by their parents) that ensure the psychology industry's lasting prosperity. Vote up the cruelest of the cruel below... and maybe get some ideas for when your own kids need a little taste of what it feels like to be pranked.
  • 1

    Jimmy Kimmel Made Us Do It!

    Video: YouTube

    Few things are more exciting to kids than the day after Halloween, knowing they have loads of candy to devour. Unfortunately for these kids, they got a rude awakening when their parents got involved in one of Jimmy Kimmel's YouTube challenges.

    The late night host regularly encourages parents to prank their children in the cruelest ways. These poor little guys just wanted their sweet treats, and the results when they find out their parents "ate" it all, are quite entertaining.
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  • 2

    When Little Boys Love Britney Spears

    Video: YouTube

    Yes, this particular video involves a little boy of about five or six singing "Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears.

    Yes, there are a multitude of jokes and comparisons that one inevitably thinks of while watching him dance and sing along.

    No, we will not "go there."

    Yes, it's hilarious when his mom scares the daylights out of him, discovering his secret love.

    No, we did not rewind the video and watch it over and over and over and over again. That would be immature.

    This video goes for pretty long, and the payoff isn't until sometime near the end. We'd give you a timestamp, but we feel that you have to earn this one the same way we did. Take it away, little boy.
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    When Kids Watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    Video: YouTube

    So we all watched scary movies when we were younger. We all were also warned about the potential nightmares we'd have by watching these scary movies.

    HOWEVER, we did not all have parents considerate enough to enter our rooms with chainsaws to prove their point.
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  • 4

    Not the Easter Bunny!

    Video: YouTube

    This one just starts out sooooo adorably sweet with two kids finishing up egg painting and saying how excited they are to have the Easter Bunny come along. Until...

    00:17 A bunny-like figure appears outside their window, and are they excited?

    If scared beyond the capacity for rational thought and shedding a river of tears means excited, then you betcha! Best part is the kid on the chair, frozen in fear, not doing anything to get away from what he's afraid of, just sitting there: crying. Amazing.
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