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Commercials The 10 Dumbest Anti-Drug PSAs (Plus A Smoking Game!)  

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Here are the most ridiculous Anti-Drug PSAs ever. They're either not founded in any kind of factual information, deliver absolutely NO knowledge or are just over the top/hilarious. To accompany your viewing, here is the SMOKING/DRINKING GAME for this list: Take a hit every time something happens in one of these videos that would NEVER happen in real life. Additional smoking/drinking rules differ by item. You're allowed to play video over again to catch the smoking/drinking points only once. Have fun, be safe, get your drinks/smokes out and ready for the list and happy 420 everybody. Smoke 'em if you've got 'em.
Evil Dealers
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Back in the 80's, there was no person more evil and destructive than the neighborhood drug dealer. No parent wanted to think that maybe little Timmy or Nancy wanted to smoke some pot of their own free will, so logically it could only be the doing of some half-snake, half-ethnic person forcing him into it, like the one portrayed here.

SMOKE/DRINK: Every time "Snake" breaks a law!

1. Drug dealing interaction (takes money)
2. Jaywalking
3. Threatening an unprovoked, unarmed citizen. His poison could kill you, he has no right to hiss like that.
A Talking Dog
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First rule of being high: Don't listen to your hallucinations, and a talking dog is a pretty clear example of a hallucination. If she is high, this is going to do nothing more than freak her the hell out, so she's not going to stop doing pot, she's just going to make sure she gets the good quality stuff. Getting the horrible skunk weed is really what causes any kind of bad reaction, so the TRUE message of this PSA is to really spring for better weed.

Besides, what the hell does a dog know about anything?

SMOKE/DRINK: Every time the "actress" portraying "Lindsey" uses an acting technique that Kristen Stewart would pull.
Whatever She's Doing, It's Not Pot
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Sure, there are plenty of times where you just want to lounge and smoke, but half the fun is also going out and doing stuff with friends, or interacting at home or watching a movie while baked "to enhance the experience".

All we get from this ad is that one girl loves to make up stories about her deflated sex doll.

SMOKE/DRINK: Every time "Sarah" tries to move.
Pot Equals Terrorism
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After 9/11, there was a whole line of PSAs trying to equate your casual usage of drugs with hardcore terrorism, routed through financial support of terrorists who grow weed/drugs in general.

It was a perfect mix of guilt, ignorance and fear-mongering that had absolutely no effect on anyone. Using a little girl for such things is just a cheap shot... to our nightmares. No horror movie convention is scarier than little girls.

Great. And we saw this right before bed, too.

SMOKE/DRINK: Every time the little girl talks without moving her lips.