Unspeakable Crimes The 10 Dumbest Criminals Who Got Away With It (Then Didn't)  

Rachel Stewart
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If you're smart enough to mastermind a life of crime, you ought to be smart enough to avoid getting caught. The idiots on this list managed to ruin their incredibly lucky bit of freedom with several horrifyingly stupid moves. From tattooing a crime scene on their chest, to plastering their whereabouts all over Facebook, to trying find a hit man on Craigslist, these are the dumbest criminals who were in the clear and then totally botched it.

What are the dumbest criminals who would have gotten away with their crimes were it not for their own slip-ups? Take a look at these fools and see for yourself. 

Man Gets Away With Bank Fraud...Then Updates Everyone via Facebook

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Photo:  Maxi Sopo/via Facebook

Maxi Sopo, a 26-year-old fugitive hiding out in Mexico, was smart enough to commit bank fraud, yet somehow it slipped his mind to remove a former Justice Department official from his friends list.

The Cameroon native consistently updated his status from Cancun, detailing what a rockin' good time he was having evading charges of bank fraud in Seattle.


Sopo arrived in the US in 2003 and sold roses in Seattle nightclubs until, according to prosecutors, he moved on to bank fraud. PARTEEEEE!

After initial police efforts to find Sopo on Facebook and Myspace were unsuccessful, FBI agent Seth Reeg looked again, found Sopo's private profile, and tapped into his public list of friends.

As it turns out, a former Justice Department employee had met Sopo briefly in the Seattle night club scene and was more than happy to help officials. Sopo is facing up to 30 years in prison, but I'm sure he'll keep us updated.

Man Gets Away With Murder, Then Tattoos Crime Scene on His Chest

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Photo: LASD

L.A. county sheriff's investigator Kevin Lloyd was flipping through photographs of tattooed gang members (most likely picking out a design for himself, the rebel) and stumbled upon some super cool and very permanent evidence on Anthony Garcia, a Pico Rivera gang member responsible for a 2004 unsolved liquor store murder.

Rivera had key details of the crime scene tattooed on his chest, including the Christmas lights that lined the roof of the liquor store, the direction the victim John Juarez's body fell, and the bowed street light across the street from the store.

The "Rivera Kills" ink across his chest probably didn't help his case. Garcia was arrested while staying with relatives in La Habra.

James Wombles: The GPS Criminal

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Photo:  truenubia/via Blogspot

Everyone get out your Polly Pocket notebooks, because we've got some serious advice: Don't attempt breaking & entering while wearing a GPS tracking anklet given to you by the police. You will not get away with it.

James Wombles, a Springfield Ohio native, committed several robberies in the Clark and Miami county areas. Wombles (who, by the sound of his name, is the clumsy nephew of one of the Teletubbies) was already under police surveillance due to a previous stolen property charge, and didn't realize that his GPS anklet would actually prevent him from slipping away from the scene of the crime spree.

Who would have thought? He is slated to stand trial later this year.

Robbery Note Written on Pay Stub Leads to Arrest

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Photo:  motwc/via Wordpress

An Illinois man, Thomas Infante, entered the Fifth Third Bank in December of 2008 with the goal of obtaining some unearned cash.

He made off with just under $400 before authorities tracked him to his Cary home.

The FBI was called in and quickly realized that they were dealing with no mastermind when they discovered that he had written a note threatening tellers to "Be Quick Be Quit (sic). Give your cash or I'll shoot..." wait for it... on his October pay stub.

He was held without bond before being sentenced to 46 months in prison and ordered to repay the $397 that was stolen. Oops.