Funny The 10 Funniest DUI Arrest Videos of All Time  

Ian Tindell
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Operating a vehicle or machinery while under the influence is a serious matter. And while getting a DUI is also no laughing matter, watching funny DUI arrest videos can be - when the possible consequences are mitigated to goofy behavior and a serious hangover. These videos should be enough to show you why it's a bad idea to get behind the wheel after a night, a day, or even a morning of drinking. These drivers illustrate the softer side of why you shouldn't drink and drive.

These videos of police apprehending people for driving under the influence are entertaining because it's funny to see individuals who thought they were okay to drive... a horse and a lawnmower. The videos are intended to be good-humored, not to downplay the seriousness of such offenses. But vote up the videos you think are the funniest.

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Don't Drink The Breathalizer
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Pssst...! Hey, you! Do you want to know how to beat a Breathalizer test?

Step One: Hold the Breathalizer in your hands.

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Drunk On A Lawnmower Part 1
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Video: YouTube

This clip gets rolling at 01:22 when the cop finally confronts the drunk lawnmower driver. Why was he driving drunk on a lawnmower?

Well, there are two reasons actually:
1. His truck broke down so he's been driving a lawnmower for two weeks.
2. His wife said she'd "stab [him] in the face if [he] didn't get more beer."

As funny as that is, this clip reaches classic status when Steve decides he has to pee at 02:30. This decision has... consequences. We don't want to ruin it, but by the end of the clip, this poor guy is threatening to have his wife kick the cop's butt. 

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Drunk On A Lawnmower Part 2
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Video: YouTube

It's one thing to get apprehended for driving your lawnmower drunk... But to get busted for the same stunt again  - and for the officer pulling you over to know your first name - well, that's when it's called a "problem." You gotta love the arresting officer in this video. He clearly got to know Steve over the course of the last apprehension and doesn't want to have to haul him in.

And yet, in typical Steve fashion, this video reaches classic status when Steve decides to drive away at 01:55 despite warnings from the officer. And, of course, he faces hilarious consequences. These two guys need their own TV show. Fox, get on that.

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'My Nuts Itch!'
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Video: YouTube

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you got handcuffed, but you had a terrible itch? As in a horrible, unbelievable, and unavoidable itch? Especially in the region of your crotch? What would you do? Say what you will about this poor sap, but he made a decision... to gyrate like an idiot and ask police officers if they would give his junk a solid scratch for him.

The drunk guy really starts dancing at 00:26. Not even the officer reading him his rights can keep from laughing. At 1:04, the cops refuse - "due to [his] combative nature" - to scratch his nuts for him.

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