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Kanye West's Worst Public Outbursts

Updated April 18, 2019 35.4k views13 items

Kanye West is no stranger to controversy. Kanye's rants and outbursts are almost as legendary as his catalog and production credits. The rapper gets in trouble for his unfiltered comments, and these public events have landed him in hot water.

Any person, place, or thing can feel Kanye's wrath, which has caused him many problems. Just ask Mike Myers. When the duo appeared together asking for money during the Hurricane Katrina pledge drive, West went off-script when he said that President Bush didn't care about black people. Myers had to stand next to Kanye the entire time with nowhere to run. One would have thought that Kanye learned his lesson after his rant in front of the whole country, but it was just the beginning.

Throughout the years, more and more controversies have popped up due to his rants. He's walked out of awards shows, cursed off fans, and bashed contemporaries over the years. Kanye's most famous outburst, however, was directed at Taylor Swift. Though he was sort of well-intentioned (his excuse was that he attempted to explain why his pal Beyoncé should have won the VMA instead of the country sweetheart) it just created another controversy when the public was already on Kanye overload. In 2018, Kanye acknowledged that he is bipolar, which he used to help explain his volatile behavior.

Here are the most controversial Kanye eruptions... that is, until the next big one occurs.

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    Comparing Himself To Hitler

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    Playing in front of a huge crowd at the 2011 Big Chill Festival in England, Kanye didn't exactly endear himself to the fans with his statement about being, of all things, misunderstood. To say these words in a country that was mercilessly bombed by the Germans during WWII probably wasn't a wise move.

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    Storms Out Again After Losing To Justice/Simian At The 2006 MTV EMAs

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    After his video for "Touch the Sky" lost out to Justice and Simian's "We Are Your Friends" for the Best Video Award, Kanye stormed the stage and pleaded his case why he should taken home the night's biggest prize. The Europeans weren't too thrilled.

    He eventually apologized later that year, blaming his outburst on too much "sippy, sippy."

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    Kanye vs. MTV, Round One

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    Remember when Britney Spears's 2016 big comeback ended up being a gargantuan flop? Well, that could have been avoided if organizers picked Kanye to open the VMAs. In typical fashion, he claimed he wasn't picked because his skin wasn't the right color. To make matters worse, he lost all five awards he was nominated for.

    He vowed to never return to the show. If only he stuck to his convictions.

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    Dissing Justin Timberlake At A Show In London

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    Maybe he was jealous that longtime pal Jay-Z chose to take Justin Timberlake out on the road with him, but regardless of the reason, Kanye wasn't feeling "Suit & Tie." He told the crowd: "And I got love for the Hov but I ain’t fuc*ing with that Suit & Tie." Ouch.