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Alan Lewis
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This Father's Day, let's remember all the greatest (failings of the) fathers in video games and how they affected/inspired some of the most iconic and awesome video game characters in history. Without these daddy issues, all of these characters would not have brought us through the journeys that they did and we wouldn't have most of these wonderful games. So here's a list tribute to greatest games in video game history that involve daddy issues, and the characters that have them.
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Kratos, The God of War Series

Revenge, World Domination

Continuing from the first game, Kratos has become the God of War after defeating Ares, but is shunned by the other Gods. Since the Gods did not relieve Kratos of his nightmares like he had hoped, his only comfort was leading his army of Spartans in conquering Greece.

He ignores Athena's warnings that his lust for power has angered the other Gods.

As his army attacks the island of Rhodes, a giant eagle swoops down on Kratos, draining him of his Godly powers while using them to bring the Colossus of Rhodes to life.

Zeus appears and offers Kratos the Blade of Olympus to defeat it, the only requirement being Kratos must infuse the blade with the remainder of his godhood to power it, rendering him mortal.

"Sure you can have a car, but you're going to have to work for it all summer!"

Kratos defeats the Colossus, but is trapped under its falling hand. Zeus reveals himself as the eagle, and grants Kratos one final chance at being a subservient God to him. Kratos refuses, cause he independent like dat, and Zeus impales Kratos with the Blade, sending him to the Underworld.

"Dude, my dad totally flipped out on me the other day"

Turns out, Kratos is Zeus's kid and is terrified that Kratos will kill him and take his throne (this thrown is very comfortable, you see.

VIDEO SPOILERS: Kratos vs. Zeus. see more on God of War II
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Donkey Kong Jr. (Or Donkey Kong, as we currently know him), Nintendo games

Rage as An Example of Behavior, Adventurism as An Incurable Lifestyle

Donkey Kong Jr. must save his father from Mario by putting all the keys in the stage into all of the locks, therefore making the floor disappear, saving his father and effectively defeating Mario.

Donkey Kong Jr., a simple ape that is not only young, but STILL IN DIAPERS, has to save his father from not only captivity, but assumed death via either (ostensibly) fireball, or head-jumping. This must be truly traumatizing.

Also, you know the issues are pronounced when that traumatic incident leads a person (or an ape) to a life of adventuring, just to feel "alive!".

Life of adventure, you say? Well, according to RARE and Nintendo, the modern Donkey Kong we see throughout our games is actually Donkey Kong Junior and his dad (the original Donkey Kong) became Cranky Kong (which kinda makes sense).

I guess in Donkey Kong Country your name changes as you grow. Now, Donkey Kong Jr. thinks it's okay to live a life where you throw barrels just like your father used to when he was angry, where road rage is acceptable and where revenge can play a part in any crossover event you're a part of.

By the way, here's a pretty awesome Mega Man fan trailer. Who knew we'd actually want to see a Mega Man movie?

BONUS: The Original Donkey Kong Jr. live-action commercial is not only TRAGIC, but hilarious. Notice how Mario is made to look and sound a lot more like Wario. see more on Donkey Kong Jr.
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Serial Killer in Heavy Rain

Became Serial Killer, Probably Drinks A Lot

This game could have been called Next-Gen Daddy Issues: The Game.

*Obligatory Spoiler Alert*

Heavy Rain is a game modeled after film noir that has the player using four different characters (A father, an FBI agent, a P.I., and a Journalist). The father's trying to stop his kid from becoming the next Beta fish in the serial killer's vicious methods: he uses extended periods of rainfall to drown his victims.

Anyway, this WHOLE (absolutely amazing, enjoyable and intriguing, beautiful) game is about this guy reconciling his daddy issues.

Late in the game, the player takes on the role of a fifth character: that of the Origami Killer as a child.

The origami lost his twin brother, John, when he fell into an open pipe flooding with stormwater. The killer was unable to convince his drunken father to come help.

This child is revealed to be Scott Sheppard, who after being sent for adoption, changed his name to Scott Shelby. Shelby arranged for many of the trials under the "John Sheppard" name, trying to seek out a father that could do what his own father could not.

VIDEO SPOILER... It's the end. see more on Heavy Rain
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Jr. Pac-Man

Early Abuse as a Child, Rebellion, Eating Disorder

Not only is Pac-Man Jr. dropped on his head at birth, but he inherits his father's eating disorder. His unending blood lust for pellets and the need to exact revenge on the relentless ghosts that interrupt every meal are taken directly from his father.

Also, after after beating the first round of levels, Pac-Man Jr. (or Jr. Pac-Man) is given his own cut scene. Much like his father had in his first game, only he doesn't lose any skin and he doesn't get any bigger... not in SIZE at least, but in morals.

During the first cut scene of Jr. Pac-Man, our tiny hero meets a small ghost with a bow in her hair. They intend to play together until both of their parents come out. One of the Pac-parents eats a power pellet they have on the grass (for safety, I'm sure) and scares Jr. Pac-Man's potential playmate away.

Jr. Pac-Man's parents are not only making him inherit their eating disorder, but their prejudice. Without this prejudice, this game could not have happened, so we have another Midway/NAMCO classic on our hands...

... but at what cost?

BONUS: Check the video to the left for a hilarious rundown of this disturbing game. see more on Jr. Pac-Man